Gotta hand it to Etsy…

30 05 2008

the creativity on their site never fails to impress me! If you have yet to visit Etsy, browse through their site today…It is a giant collection of handcrafted goodies! There are some great ideas for grad gifts too. (I don’t know about you, but it’s so hard for me to shop for teens!)

If you don’t have time for window shopping, Sydnei at Simply Sentimental is devoted to highlighting some of the unique shops and creations on Etsy. She also hosts Simply Sweet Treats and giveaways from different Etsy artists. I am so excited to have won a pendant from PennyGlassGirl last week! So stroll on by & check it out!

The Great Sunflower Project

28 05 2008

The Great Sunflower Project

Wild Squirrel suggested joining this neat project on her blog. The project is very easy and sounds like a lot of fun. At the same time, it will help build our understanding of bees and address the problems of colony collapse. Did you know they think that there are around 4,500 species of bees in the United States? Let’s go watch some bees!


Works for Me Wednesday

28 05 2008

Works for Me Wednesday!
This may not be novel for you, but it works for me!

The first bout of warm weather here, and I’m realizing that we don’t have any toddler-appropriate outdoor toys. Sure there’s a swingset in the yard and some bouncy balls, but they don’t hold a toddler’s attention for very long. Well Bean has solved this problem today, by insisting she bring her bath-time bucket outside.
The bucket is home to her bath toys, namely a flock of yellow ducks. What better toys to bring outside than washable ones? The ducks took over the yard; playing hide-and-seek, swinging on the swings, riding down the slide…And, when we were finished, they were easily collected in the bucket. The promise of giving duckies a bath in the sink was enough to avoid the “I-don’t-wanna-go-in-the-house” meltdown too! Bath toys outside work for me!

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What day is it?

27 05 2008

It feels like a Monday to me!  But I think it’s Tuesday 🙂  It was another beautiful weekend here.  We took the kids camping in Seward for Memorial Day.  It rained for half of our trip, but that’s nothing new in Seward!  We took the opportunity to finally visit the Alaska SeaLife Center.  Our two year old, wanted to see “pe-gins” but was happy enough to see “beeg fishies.”  The baby was happy enough to watch the lights on the ceiling. 

We were extremely happy to have our new camper with us as it had heat and the temperatures weren’t over 45.  At this rate our kids are going to grow up camping in luxury!  I guess soon enough they’ll be old enough to go out hunting with their dad and will find out what it really means to rough it!

Menu Plan Monday in MA

26 05 2008

This is our first week trying Menu Plan Mondays! This week’s meals are inspired by what’s in the freezer. Hubby has requested an ice cream cake for his birthday, so I need to free up space to be able to make it in stages. Everything in blue has been taken from the freezer.

  • Monday: Hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled veggies (Cook-out)
  • Tuesday: Provencal Beef Stewbeef stew meatchicken broth instead of wine, onions (Slowcooker)
  • Wednesday: Pizza Bagels–Bagels, tomato sauce, etc.
  • Thursday: Turkey Meat Loaf and Hash Browns
  • Friday:American Chop Suey–leftover turkeyloaf, froz veggies, tomato sauce, etc.
  • Saturday: Must-gos! (if necessary, I’ll heat up chicken fingers or pirogi from the freezer)
  • Sunday: Fish Sticks and Broccoli

For more meal plan ideas,
visit I’m an Organizing Junkie!

Happy Birthday, Brooklyn Bridge!

24 05 2008

If you’re in NYC this weekend, be sure to take a moment to appreciate Reobling’s genius construction, the Brooklyn Bridge, on its 125th birthday. If you’re somewhere else, like me, you can visit the celebratory website, or maybe watch a film like Kate & Leopold that features its stunning architecture. Happy Birthday!

Dancing Bean

23 05 2008

Bean loves music, even the chatter from a tv! Here’s a little dance she’s slowly been improving upon. (This is how I feel right now hanging out with my early riser—dizzy!)

Inspirational Quote

22 05 2008

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.”   -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I found this quote today and was thinking that it is such a great reminder for me at this period of my life.  It reminds me that even when the dishes and laundry are piling up, I shouldn’t ignore my children’s pleas for attention to get them clean.  The boys need my love and attention much more than I need a clean house.  I often find myself letting the baby fuss just a few more minutes, or telling my 2 yr old “just another minute” so I can get one chore or another done.  Sometimes it’s OK to do this especially if the mess is creating a lot of stress on the family, but most times it will work out better if you spend 15 minutes with the kids first and get to the chores later.  Everyone is happier for it. 


Works for Me Wednesday

21 05 2008

WfmwsmallI’m so glad I found this blog carnival over at Rocks In My Dryer. I’ve found loads of helpful hints every Wednesday! Maybe next week, we’ll be ready to share some of our own…



Enjoying the Sun

20 05 2008

Good morning world!  The sun is coming up these days at 5:00 in the morning, so the boys have been waking up shortly thereafter.  It’s only 8:30 and we’re ready for naps already. 


It is such a gorgeous day outside, a little cloudy, but very bright.  I think we’re going to skip playgroup again to go for a walk.  I am so grateful we invested in a double jogging stroller.  I can strap the kids in and roam the neighborhood for as long as everyone is happy.  It’s great exercise and I want to spend as much time outside because the Alaska summers are over way too soon 😦 and we will soon miss the sun.


Well, the sun beckons so I must heed!  More updates and ramblings to follow in the near future!