Enjoying the Sun

20 05 2008

Good morning world!  The sun is coming up these days at 5:00 in the morning, so the boys have been waking up shortly thereafter.  It’s only 8:30 and we’re ready for naps already. 


It is such a gorgeous day outside, a little cloudy, but very bright.  I think we’re going to skip playgroup again to go for a walk.  I am so grateful we invested in a double jogging stroller.  I can strap the kids in and roam the neighborhood for as long as everyone is happy.  It’s great exercise and I want to spend as much time outside because the Alaska summers are over way too soon 😦 and we will soon miss the sun.


Well, the sun beckons so I must heed!  More updates and ramblings to follow in the near future!


The computer is a toddler magnet!

20 05 2008

Every time I sit down to type, the computer must emit a signal to alert little Bean that it’s time to come over. She knows what she wants to see too. She asks for either “Apple Music” (The visualizer that comes with iTunes) or “Sheep?” (Garfield’s Sheep Shot). I’ve been trying to create an informative or profound post here, but the furthest I get is “Sheep…funny!” Yes, Bean, the sheep are funny. Now let me type, please.