Works for Me Wednesday

28 05 2008

Works for Me Wednesday!
This may not be novel for you, but it works for me!

The first bout of warm weather here, and I’m realizing that we don’t have any toddler-appropriate outdoor toys. Sure there’s a swingset in the yard and some bouncy balls, but they don’t hold a toddler’s attention for very long. Well Bean has solved this problem today, by insisting she bring her bath-time bucket outside.
The bucket is home to her bath toys, namely a flock of yellow ducks. What better toys to bring outside than washable ones? The ducks took over the yard; playing hide-and-seek, swinging on the swings, riding down the slide…And, when we were finished, they were easily collected in the bucket. The promise of giving duckies a bath in the sink was enough to avoid the “I-don’t-wanna-go-in-the-house” meltdown too! Bath toys outside work for me!

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3 responses

28 05 2008

a very cute idea. I don’t have a yard, maybe the balcony will do!

28 05 2008

What a fun idea!

30 05 2008

That’s a great idea! I’ve also found with my girls that bringing just about any inside toy outside makes it new to them. They had a Little People castle set they never played with until we took it outside one day. They looked at it like they’d never seen it before and played with it for over an hour! I guess sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes!

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