Quiet Sunday

1 06 2008

It’s been a quiet Sunday here. We’re just keeping an extra eye on Bean, who decided yesterday on our jaunt to NYC, to stuff tissues up her nose. Well, it started with shredding. We were happy to let her quietly dissect a paper napkin into a gazillion pieces since it was keeping her from complaining about being in the car seat. Then we heard a little “paper…nose?” whimper from the back seat. Sure enough, from my view in the passenger’s seat, there was a little white paper jammed into the back of her right nostril. Everyone was remarkably calm through the next ten minutes as we found our way out of traffic on the BQE. After much consulting, we figured the best thing to do was to have Bean sneeze it out–and she complied. She didn’t quite learn the first time though—the scenario repeated itself a half-hour later!
So today is a good, quiet day, with no paper up the nose or other bodily injuries. Hope your weekend was likewise peaceful!