Dabbling with bread recipes

3 06 2008

I’ve been trying very hard this week to come up with a winning loaf for a recipe contest I’d like to enter.
So far, I’ve created this:

fushia bread

a fushia day-glo soggy mess (note to self—don’t try replacing sugar with jell-o),
and this:

big rock

…a giant cinnamon-scented crunchy rock (had to chisel it out of the pan). Not even a glimmer of hope in either…
But now, for something completely different, I’ve come up with this:

Looks yummy

Looks pretty good, right? It’s a fruity loaf that smells delicious. Well, maybe it’s just the glaze that makes it both look & smell nice. Anyhow, I’m forcing myself to wait until it’s completely cooled to cut into it. Let me imagine how divine it tastes a little longer…



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