Progress on my garden

4 06 2008

I know I have been slacking in the blogging department lately, but I’ve been trying to spend my free time getting my garden planted.  I am making progress but it is slow going.  It is two weeks past the time I wanted to have everything in the ground, and I am still not done.  It doesn’t help that I may be a little ambitious! 

My little helper is being too much of a help.  Yesterday he dumped a package of carrot seeds in one spot, and then a few minutes later I found out he didn’t understand me telling him “no” and dumped out parsley and chives in the container I let him have for peas.  I guess we’ll see what grows out of that.  Maybe I can transplant some of them after they sprout.

The garden box in the back is planted with broccoli, green onions, oregano, carrots and snow peas.  I may try to fit some rosemary in there too, if not I’ll find a container for the rosemary.  The box near the house has tomatoes, cabbage, basil, bell peppers and some room for other herbs.  I have a number of containers around the yard and in my mini greenhouse too.  I have a few old tires that I’m planting potatoes in; there’s mint in the planter in the front yard; the greenhouse has a bunch of tomatoes and jalapenos.  What else?  Chili peppers!  I’m planning on some salsa this summer 🙂  And there are raspberries and rhubarb already growing in the yard.  Rhubarb grows like a weed almost!  And it’s so good in pie!

I have no experience with fertilizers, I probably planted everything too close together, and it’s getting into the ground late.  But despite this I’m hoping that my thumb will turn out to be green after all.  Thanks for listening to my long spiel about my garden.  Hopefully I’ll be able to report a bountiful harvest in the coming months!




One response

8 06 2008

Good luck with your garden!
We have one every year and for the past two years, we have cucumbers that come up, nice and normal on the inside, but the outside is as orange as a carrot! It’s the strangest thing, but they’re tasty! We’ll see what happens this year. We just got our first round of ripe tomatoes, which are so delicious from the garden. Enjoy yours!

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