Menu Monday in AK

9 06 2008

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This is not my first time planning a menu in advance, but this is a little more detailed than I usually make it.  Living in Alaska gives us the opportunity to fill our freezers with moose and salmon.  We also have quite a few packages of halibut.  I have to laugh now when I see salmon on “sale” for 7.99/lb when we have so much we can’t eat it fast enough before the next fishing season starts!  So I try to find different ways to incorporate salmon.  We eat it probably once a week.

Well, here is my plan for this week:

Monday– Kabobs on the grill, corn on the cob, rhubarb/raspberry cake

TuesdayKorean Beef Stir Fry (I’ll use leftover meat from Monday and I may have to improvise on some of the ingredients)

Wednesday– BBQ beef sandwiches (cook a roast in the crockpot until very tender, shred with two forks, add your favorite bbq sauce), baked beans, salad

Thursday– salmon patties and asparagus soup (I’ve never tried asparagus soup, but we love asparagus and this recipe sounded good).

Friday– Taco Beef Cornbread- I just use the cornbread recipe on the back of the cornmeal cannister, layer the batter ontop of taco meat and bake.  I’ve had this taste for cornbread lately!

Saturday– Stew in the dutch oven- we’ll be camping so this is the perfect thing to throw on the fire during the day.  And while we have the coals going I’ll clean out the dutch oven after dinner and throw in some peach cobbler for Sunday’s breakfast.

We just bought our dutch oven a few weeks ago and love having it already!  Here is a good site for dutch oven recipies:  Byron’s Dutch Oven Recipes

Sunday– Who knows when we’ll get home, so I’ll probably throw something quick on the table, leftovers, fish sticks, pizza…

Check out my sister’s menu plan  here, and other menu plans at I’m an Organizing Junkie




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9 06 2008
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10 06 2008
Jen @ All Things Frugal

Thank you SOO much for the great dutch oven recipe site. I want a dutch oven now, just so I can make the “pineapple and Dr. Pepper Beans”!
Again, thanks for the site, it will help!

10 06 2008
Lisa K

Great plan!

I don’t have a heavy duty dutch oven for camping, but then I don’t “do” camping! Dh kids me that my idea of camping is a hotel without room service, I wish I was that spoiled… I really just like having a few things when I camp, flush toilet being at the top of the list! Usually we do foil wrapped stuff in the campfire, but now I want a dutch oven LOL!

10 06 2008

When should I be over?

hehe, I should do this, we don’t know what we are eating until it’s after 5pm and everyone is walking around complaining they are hungry.

12 06 2008

I’m jealous. I wish I had a problem getting rid of salmon. 🙂 I’m one of those that have to pay $7.99/lb for it. 😛

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