Oatmeal Bread and Sourdough in Alaska

19 06 2008

I tried my hand yet again at making bread yesterday by trying the recipe for Oatmeal Molasses Bread found at About.com.  The bread came out tasting a little too yeasty, but overall was very good.  I think part of the problem was that I didn’t read the directions closely enough and put the bread into bake before letting it rise a second time.  Maybe next time I’ll try less yeast and more rising time… My two year old didn’t seem to mind a bit!  He scarfed down his PB&J and asked for more! 

Every time I make bread I think to myself “why don’t I make this more often?”  I find the hardest part is getting started.  The recipe above was pretty easy.  I don’t own a bread machine, I didn’t even use a mixer.  So, reinspired, I forge ahead yet again into bread making.  This weekend’s project is getting a sourdough starter started 🙂 

Sourdough is a big thing in Alaska. The fact that it’s so versitile might inspire me to create a lot more homemade staples (ie the obvious bread, pancakes instead of eggo type waffles, etc). 

Just for fun I looked up ‘sourdough in Alaska’ and here are a few things I found… the Sourdough Mining Company  (we’ve been here- they have the most wonderful World Famous Korn Fritters!!); the Sourdough Visitor’s Lodge; Sourdough Campground; Sourdough Bed and Breakfast; Sourdough Tours; and the list goes on!!

Wikpedia also has some great information on the chemistry and history of sourdough.



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20 06 2008

If it got the two-year old seal of approval, I’d better try the recipe!

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