Sad Breakfast

24 06 2008

I’ve been trying to eat healthier meals, but breakfast is still a challenge. Here’s my sad breakfast of curves cereal that I couldn’t seem to finish, especially because we ran out of milk this morning. Eating it dry with a side of water is not the way to go. I would have never bought this cereal either if it weren’t half off and then some with a coupon. Yet, since I paid for it, it must be eaten. I can get past the fiberous flavor, but the cereal leaves an aftertaste sprinkled with memories of my old apartment in Brooklyn which was directly above a Curves. This particular branch played ethnic techno at extreme decibels from before I woke up until late at night. But, a few more days and the box will be gone! Please don’t think of sending me a box for my birthday either. I will not laugh!

PS-Kudos to you who stick by Curves. I hope your branch plays more inspiring music and that your workouts are paying off!