Organizing Dressers: Works for Me Wednesday

25 06 2008

Works for Me Wednesday!
Is it called a dresser or a bureau?
Either way, life is nice when it’s organized and you can find what you’re looking for. Organization is particularly a challenge for kids’ clothes because they seem to be all over the place.
Well, little labels work for us! I just took a slip of paper and taped it to the inside of the drawer to mark the locations of shirts, onesies, pants, etc. They would look nicer if I had a label maker, but scraps certainly do the job. Now, dad can put away toddler clothes without having to ask where things go. And as new clothes sneak in, it’s a reminder to put or give away clothes that are too small.
When our toddler is older, I’m planning to put larger labels on the outside of drawers so she can practice reading and putting away her clothes!
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