New Toys

8 07 2008

A few more photos I had to share.

The new Batman Big Wheel- $30.  Hours (or at least 20 minutes) of peace while my toddler is occupied riding around the deck- priceless!

We can afford to splurge on new toys like the Big Wheel every once in a while by being thrifty on other toys.  This is the “new” workbench for Daddy’s little helper.  Dad pressed into service some old wood and leftover paint to put together this workbench.  He’s pretty handy!

The Garden is Growing

8 07 2008

It has been an awfully cold spring/summer here.  It’s July already, and I don’t think the temperature is ever much over the low 60s.  And the nights are still in the mid-upper 40s.  (I guess I should expect that from Alaska and be thankful I’m not somewhere else frying my tail off.)  But there are green things in my garden bed.  And flowers in my yard!  My son picked and enjoyed the first strawberry of the season.  We have been eating some lettuce and herbs here and there.  The broccoli, cabbage, snow peas, onions and potatoes seem to be doing quite well.  Actually, the potatoes grew about 2 inches overnight.  Even two tomato plant have a few blooms on them.  So I remain optimistic!  Here are a few photos for you to see…

The pretty pansies I didn’t plant 🙂


Broccoli and lettuce …



My little helper “watering” the cabbage.


Hopefully the warmer temperatures will last enough for me to get at least something out of this garden!   But at least I am definitely learning a lot about cold weather gardening.