Keeping track of library books

9 07 2008

Works for Me Wednesday!

     I love taking books out of the library, but I’m not very good at remembering when to bring them back. I don’t mind donating money to the library paying my fines, however, I’d rather take control of the situation. One way that works for me is to write the due date on the calendar as soon as I get home from the library. (So obvious, why wasn’t I doing this sooner?) It helps plan the next trip, instead of making a last minute dash to return late books. Another thing I found helpful is the “receipt,” or list of books that the librarian hands me after I’ve signed out books. I can cross off books that got returned early and use it as a checklist when gathering books to bring back.
     Lastly, I always take advantage of the online feature to access my library patron information. The library makes it easy to get a list of the books I have checked out and when they’re due (and the amount of any fines I have accumulated), as well as request books from other libraries and see my reading history. You should look to see what your library has online!

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