Keeping track of library books

9 07 2008

Works for Me Wednesday!

     I love taking books out of the library, but I’m not very good at remembering when to bring them back. I don’t mind donating money to the library paying my fines, however, I’d rather take control of the situation. One way that works for me is to write the due date on the calendar as soon as I get home from the library. (So obvious, why wasn’t I doing this sooner?) It helps plan the next trip, instead of making a last minute dash to return late books. Another thing I found helpful is the “receipt,” or list of books that the librarian hands me after I’ve signed out books. I can cross off books that got returned early and use it as a checklist when gathering books to bring back.
     Lastly, I always take advantage of the online feature to access my library patron information. The library makes it easy to get a list of the books I have checked out and when they’re due (and the amount of any fines I have accumulated), as well as request books from other libraries and see my reading history. You should look to see what your library has online!

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7 responses

9 07 2008

that’s a great tip. I’m going to utilitze it as we love to check out books, but usually have them returned a bit late (thankfully our library doesn’t charge for overdue books). I do have one that has been missing for awhile that we will have to pay for. I now try to keep all library items in one place.

9 07 2008

Oh what a great idea! I donate to much money to the library as well…also, too bad you don’t live near Junk Yard Dogs, but yes, it is a good reminder to get rid of junk, er, extra items…:) Take care and have a great day!

9 07 2008

Great idea! Library books are the one thing I try to stay on top of – for some reason I feel really guilty when I return them late!

9 07 2008

I love my library because they track everything online and even let me renew through their site. They also email me a few days before things are due. If yours doesn’t go that far, you could use an online calendar like Google and set it up to email you a few days before they are due too!

9 07 2008

Definitely utilize whatever online capabilities your library has…ours will both email you a reminder of when the books are due and allow you to renew books online – which I absolutely love. As long as someone else hasn’t requested the book you have, you can renew up to 2 times online, which is super convenient when I don’t have time to run by the library on the due date. Super handy!

9 07 2008
Audra Krell

Great tip, writing things down on a calendar or entering it in an electronic one can change everything and save lots of money!

9 07 2008

Great tip! I often forget to renew our books- especially my son’s DVDs because they are not a month but only a week. I WISH my library would e-mail me when my books are coming due! I usually do it online when I remember! But my son & my card do gather fines when I forget! Thanks for the tip!

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