Vegetable Stock

10 07 2008
vegetable stock

I use vegetable stock and broth in a lot of my cooking, but MSG gives me headaches. It is next to impossible to find anything affordable! So here is my 1st attempt at boiling the menagerie of leftover veggies (1 part veggies to 1 part water, more or less) from my pantry and fridge. There’s also a nice big bunch of parsley from to container on our back porch. I’ll update later with an after photo to see if it actually came out.



 UPDATE: The broth came out nicely, but I couldn’t use any of the boiled veggies, since I had added onion skins and veggie peelings to the pot. Here is a picture of the broth with some peppercorns and allspice berries being brewed up to make a tasty brine for our Christmas in July turkey.