Swimming lessons for toddlers?

22 07 2008

I read an interesting article on swimming lessons for toddlers today. The author thinks you should forgo lessons for children under age 4. The AAP says Regardless of the program design or focus, infant and toddler aquatic programs are unable to ensure that children will understand water hazards, use appropriate avoidance strategies, or attain program safety goals. Currently, no data are available to determine if infant and toddler aquatic programs increase or decrease the likelihood of drowning. Programs that claim to make children safe in water or safe from drowning are misrepresenting what is possible and are giving parents a false sense of security about their child’s safety in the water.

I have been considering swimming lessons for Bean especially since the grandparents have a pool and our health insurance will reimburse us for at least one class. I never considered that a lesson would replace proper supervision of toddlers in a pool just as I don’t envision my little Bean to become the next Elaine Breeden after a few lessons at the Y either. From what I understand, swimming lessons with babies and toddlers are just for getting out of the house and splashing around. Are there really programs that claim to make children safe in water?




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22 07 2008

My son is 18 months and I go back and forth on swiming leasons. My little guy has absolutly no fear of water which is good but also really bad! He is drawn to any water he sees. I heard that the mommy and me classes are just really for fun and to get them comfortable in water and for socializing. I am considering doing a 5 day camp where you have to leave them for an hour each day and a instructor works with them, that way they are more likely to pay attention and actually learn something! My hardest thing would be leaving him I am way clingy!

9 08 2008

Both of my children have taken Infant Swimming Resource lessons beginning when they were babies and yes this is definitely a program that will make your child safe in the water. They are both proficient swimmers. My youngest is 3. If you research further about aquatic survival programs…the AAP says that the decision as to when to have your child start an aquatic survival program is an individualized decision. If your insurance will pay for some of it, they are on the right track. Drowning is the #1 cause of death among young children. It is an epidemic, one that you don’t want to be a part of. If grandparents have a pool, consider ISR lesssons a must. http://www.infantswim.com

20 08 2008

My husband and I have recently become Infant Swimming Resource instructors and are currently teaching on Cape Cod. We have a daughter that just turned 8 months. She became six months during the end of our training and is now able to roll on to her back and float independently. I was looking for a mommy and me class when I came upon the ISR website. I was so impressed with what I saw that my husband and I both decided to become instructors and bring this much needed opportunity here to the Cape. It is entirely one-on-one instruction with the child and instructor and the parent must be present. It is a maximum of 10 minute lessons, because that is safest for your child and about as long as they can concentrate on anything. They are five days a week to keep the consistancy of the lessons for your child. It is a big commitment for the parent, but seeing the result of a child obtaining the skills to save themselves in an aquatic accident is well worth it. Please do visit the National website or ours to learn more about the progam.

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