Ziploc Works for Me in the Morning

23 07 2008

Ziploc Twist 'n Loc - Containers & Lids, Small - 3 eaLittle Bean has a strange appetite and breakfast is no exception. Sometimes she’s ravenous, other times she just nibbles. I got tired of pouring her a bowl of cereal in the morning, only to have her abandon her mighty men to soak up the milk and swell to gargantuan proportions. Instead I’ve come up with a painless way to handle breakfast time. The night before, I fill a ziploc twist n’ loc, (which are shaped like little bowls too!), with her cereal and screw the lid back on. When she gets up, we get her a sippy cup of milk and open the container. The container acts like a prepackaged single serving, which is convenient when you can’t think straight after getting out of bed (I am really not a morning person!). She’s then free to munch what she feels like eating, with no wasted soggy cereal. Twist the lid back on and save the rest for later!

I know this isn’t an ingenious, earth-shattering idea, but it does keep me sane!

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