Truely it’s Orangey!

27 07 2008

     I was so excited this week to find my grocery store has started to carry True Lemon products. I had tried a free sample over a month ago and was really impressed. True Lemon is a crystallized lemon substitute in convenient little packets. Just think, when you sprinkle sugar on something, it gets sweeter; but when you sprinkle True Lemon, it gets “lemony-er” without any extra calories! It’s a great pick-me-up for drinking water or a quick & tasty addition to marinades and rubs. The company also makes a lime and orange substitute.
     I had been carrying a coupon for the product around with me for awhile, so when I saw it, I decided to buy a box of True Orange. Back at home, I started to make a fruit salad. Maybe they were just old, but my oranges had no flavor. I diced them anyway and then sprinkled them with a packet of True Orange. When I mixed them in with the rest of the fruit and tasted the salad, my mouth did a little happy dance! It was the best fruit salad I’ve had in a long time; hurray for True Orange!
lemon Ok, so you’ve heard me go on about it….Isn’t it time for you to try it too? Visit for your free sample and tell me what you think.




One response

5 08 2008

It is great in water. I wonder if you could bake with it too?

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