Gross Things in My Garden

28 07 2008

After two weeks straight of rain, and a four day camping trip, my garden has been showing signs of neglect.  So I took advantage of the baby’s long nap and my toddler’s good behavior mood and spent some time picking weeds, and doing other outside chores.  Overgrown weeds and almost blooming broccoli weren’t the only things to greet me today.  I found a dead bird smack in the middle of my flower patch.  Yucky, but my other thought was ‘poor thing’.  I think it might have been the bird we saw hopping around with a broken wing last week but I’m not sure.  I’m just glad I was able to move it out of there before my boy saw it and wanted to play with it! 

Then when moving some border stones around I stumbled upon a colony of slugs.  YUCK YUCK AND TRIPLE YUCK.  One is bad enough, but 30 or more…  ugh, I am sick to my stomach just thinking about it.  Being married to a hunter and having been through pregnancy and childbirth twice, not much grosses me out anymore.  But slimy, disgusting, althchkk (can’t even come up with a word for that sound!) slugs are GROSS!  I probably used half a box of Borax on the ones I found, and hope we have some cheap beer to set out some traps later.  I don’t want to waste the Killians on those things!

Well, back to good things.  Some of the tomato plants have blossomed.  The broccoli is looking about ready to be picked.  It actually looks a bit beyond ready, but I’ve never grown broccoli so how can you tell?  I was expecting larger heads, but I guess I got a mini variety?  The lettuce I thought was leaf lettuce is forming heads, so I guess that’s it for picking salads.  The herbs (dill, parsley, chives, tarragon) I planted are coming up nicely.  I think I may pot a few in a couple of weeks to bring inside for the winter.  Especially the dill to go with all the salmon we’ll be eating.  So despite this looking like the coldest summer on record (can you believe there have only been 35 days it’s hit 60 or above?), I have had some success with gardening.  I’ve already started looking toward next year and things I can do to prepare so that next year I will have more luck!

Happy Birthday to You Giveaway!

28 07 2008


Little Bean has been singing Happy Birthday a lot lately. She sings “Happy Birthday to the raindrops,” “Happy Birthday to Maisy,” “Happy Birthday to me,” and, my favorite, “Happy Birthday to the people.” Well, today we’re having a little “Happy Birthday” giveaway to celebrate our tranquil 2 months of blogging. We’re having fun, and we hope you are too!


Our present to one lucky reader is a free 10-issue subscription to Country Home Magazine. Their magazine “is for the home enthusiast who creates a warm and inviting home that reflects her personal style. Every issue encourages readers to have fun and break the rules by blending styles from traditional to contemporary, eclectic to romantic and rustic to urban. “

All you need to do to enter is to leave us a comment below describing the most memorable birthday party you have ever been to. The question is not that difficult, so any generic comments that don’t relate to the question (such as “enter me” or “hey, pick me”) will be disqualified at our discretion. If you’re so inspired to get a 2nd entry, you may also enter by posting about this giveaway on your own blog and leaving a second comment with the link.


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Here’s all the fine print you need to know:You can participate even if you don’t have a blog. If you are a non-blogger, be sure to include an e-mail address to contact you with or stop back here after the contest ends to see if you’ve won. We’ll choose the winner at random after 8 p.m. EST on Friday, August 1, post the winner here that night and contact the winner via his or her blog or email. If we don’t hear back from the winner within 4 days, we will draw another winner.  Only US addresses are eligible.

Hurray for Bloggy Giveaways and all the awesome bloggers out there that are participating in their quarterly carnival! Go check them out!

Don’t forget to tell us about a memorable birthday party in your comment!