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28 07 2008


Little Bean has been singing Happy Birthday a lot lately. She sings “Happy Birthday to the raindrops,” “Happy Birthday to Maisy,” “Happy Birthday to me,” and, my favorite, “Happy Birthday to the people.” Well, today we’re having a little “Happy Birthday” giveaway to celebrate our tranquil 2 months of blogging. We’re having fun, and we hope you are too!


Our present to one lucky reader is a free 10-issue subscription to Country Home Magazine. Their magazine “is for the home enthusiast who creates a warm and inviting home that reflects her personal style. Every issue encourages readers to have fun and break the rules by blending styles from traditional to contemporary, eclectic to romantic and rustic to urban. “

All you need to do to enter is to leave us a comment below describing the most memorable birthday party you have ever been to. The question is not that difficult, so any generic comments that don’t relate to the question (such as “enter me” or “hey, pick me”) will be disqualified at our discretion. If you’re so inspired to get a 2nd entry, you may also enter by posting about this giveaway on your own blog and leaving a second comment with the link.


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Here’s all the fine print you need to know:You can participate even if you don’t have a blog. If you are a non-blogger, be sure to include an e-mail address to contact you with or stop back here after the contest ends to see if you’ve won. We’ll choose the winner at random after 8 p.m. EST on Friday, August 1, post the winner here that night and contact the winner via his or her blog or email. If we don’t hear back from the winner within 4 days, we will draw another winner.  Only US addresses are eligible.

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Don’t forget to tell us about a memorable birthday party in your comment!




71 responses

28 07 2008

Yes, i am the first one! Pick me! And don’t forget to enter my giveaway! I love this magazine

28 07 2008

Definitely the party my big brother and I shared. We didn’t get parties every year back in those days, so it was very special. We each got to invite tons of friends, and we all went to the park and celebrated. It was great fun and a forever memory.

Love this mag. Please enter me and come by and enter my giveaway as well.


28 07 2008
Rachel Crisman

I guess the most memorable birthday party was one I threw for my sister where everything went wrong and she spent the whole party crying.I didn’t say it was the happiest but I will never forget it. I suck at throwing parties.

28 07 2008

The most memorable birthday party … that would be my oldest’s first birthday. While we were busy taking his picture (and in the process not paying attention to anything else), one of our dogs managed to lick most of the frosting off one side of the cake!

28 07 2008

Ooh, I love this magazine! I didn’t realize it was bloggy giveaway week, so I’m not giving away anything this time. But I’m building my own house..okay, well, my hubby is building our new home and I’m sure I’d get lots of great ideas.

28 07 2008

My most memorable party was when i as 8 and everyone sang happy birthday and helped me blow out my candles. I hated that, I mean c’mon! It was my candles to blow out. I ran out of the room crying

I’m having so much fun blog hopping! 🙂 Great giveaway! I hope I’m the lucky winner 🙂

28 07 2008
Leigh @General Ramblings

Well, my birthday is August 4th….and I dont think my most memoraible has happened yet. my friends have already told me that they have a big surprise for me this weekend. I have no clue, but I am stoked. Honestly, their friendships are my favorite gift. I am blessed.

28 07 2008
The Chatty Housewife

The most memorable b-day party I have ever been to was one where we slept outside around a fire and roasted marshmallows at 2 am. 🙂 Thank you so much for a great giveaway! nw_wife(at)hotmail(dot)com

28 07 2008
Carrie, Reading to Know

Most memorable birthday party I ever went to was a mystery/crime solving party where my mom’s friend put the police yellow tape all over the house. SO fun!

Thanks for the giveaway.

readingtoknow (at) gmail (dot) com

29 07 2008

Well, it was a surprise party thrown for me! At an ice skating rink. Everyone was there…surprising me. So fun!


29 07 2008

My most memorable birthday party was when my 3 sisters and I threw a surprise party for my mom when she hit 75. She was so surprised she fainted!

29 07 2008
Paula H

My friend had one recently for her son at the park. It started to rain so we went back to their apartment. She had been cleaning out closets so it was a mess! There were 20+ people crammed in their apartment. Kids were every where. It was so much fun!

29 07 2008

The most memorable birthday would have to be the one I gave to my husband for his 29th birthday. I knew he wouldn’t be expecting anything spectacular since it was his 29th and not 30th so I set it up that when we got home there would be a bunch of people waiting there to surprise him. Well I had him go in first and it was dark and all he saw was sillouettes in the corner of his eye and as he turned the light on and saw every one he just about broke his neck jumping over a little tykes picnic table sitting in front of him. I think I aged him that night lol. After it was all said and done he was very grateful and had a very happy birthday.

29 07 2008

My most memorable birthday was when I was turning 9 or 10…can’t remember exactly. But all my friends and I were about to load up in the car for my parents to take us to Cici’s and my younger brother somehow managed to suck a quarter down his throat. I think it took my dad taking him by the feet and shaking him upside down to finally dislodge it…very scary at the time, but we still tease my brother about keeping coins out of his mouth.

29 07 2008

Thanks for entering my giveaway! I guess great minds think alike, huh?

My most memorable birthday was my fifteenth. I wanted a mall themed birthday party. So that morning, Daddy and I went to get my learner’s permit (it was a Saturday and the DMV line was sooooo long). Then we had lunch at the mall with a bunch of my friends. But the best part was the scavenger hunt that Mom had set up. She’d spent the morning going through the mall and explaining what we would be doing. Different stores agreed to give us free samples. Then she went home and typed up the scavenger hunt list. Printed it out and brought it to the party. We divided into teams and roamed the mall. My friends loved it and I felt so special.

29 07 2008

My son’s 5th birthday party was a surprise party. When he walked in the door, I think we about scared the death out of him. He cried through the whole party and didn’t even want to open his presents.

29 07 2008

I love that magazine. I think the most memorable birthday…I was about 9 and we had a skating party with all our friends and family. It was a lot of fun. 😀

29 07 2008
Alicia Raulerson

My 15th was most memorable…I had a lot of friends over for that one…including a boy a really liked!!

Thanks for the chance to win.

29 07 2008

I love Country Home!!!

Let’s see…most memorable birthday party I have attended…probably the surprise one I had for my husband when he turned 25…WOW..that was 4 yrs ago! My how time flies! LOL All his friends and family were there and he had such a great time…and LOVED it! There is nothing better than experiencing the look of pure happiness on your hubby’s face! 🙂

29 07 2008

Thank you everyone for your great stories! Colleen- don’t enter me b/c I’m part of the giveaway – hee hee hee- but I wanted to say my most memorable birthday has to be Dad’s 30th (yes, I was old enough to remember that!)- we were headed down to the park for a surprise party for him and had hidden inflated balloons in the backseat under a garbage bag. Well on the way down, one of the balloons popped. Dad kept going on and on about the car backfiring (do cars do that anymore?) and Mom held the magazine up against her face so he couldn’t see her trying so hard not to laugh out loud! It still makes me laugh more than 20 years later!

29 07 2008

Hhmmmm. I probably has to be when my nephew had is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bday party about 12 years ago. He cried non-stop and quite violently when he realized that the turtle pinata was being hit. He kept on trying to “save” it. Quite but sad.

29 07 2008

The most memorable birthday party that I’ve ever been to was a Valentine’s day themed party that I went to when I was 5 or 6. I don’t know why it was so memorable but I remember the pinata, the cookie decorating, and the fun games! Thanks for the giveaway.

29 07 2008

The most memorable b-day for me was my daughter’s first. Of course, that may be because it was only two months ago, but it was so special for me to dress her in a tutu and let her squish chocolate cake all through it.

the_other_alice_ (at) yahoo.com

29 07 2008
Melissa@Pink Paper Peppermints

Hi Colleen,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and your sweet comment. 🙂

My most memorable birthday was my 21st. I was attending Bible school and had a themed “black & white” party at my parent’s home.

Everyone wore black & white and we had black & white party food & a black & white cake.

The best part was that one of the guys brought his guitar and we spent most of the evening having praise & worship in the living room! It was wonderful.

Thanks again for stopping by!


29 07 2008

Just recently my friends and I kidnapped another friend and brought her to Mama Mia and then Applebee’s. It was a wonderful night of laughing and fun! We won’t soon forget it. And maybe will repeat it at my upcoming birthday!

29 07 2008

PRobably my dad’s 50th birthday. He is a retired minister, and the congregation he was pastoring gave him a surprise party, complete with a foam cake. They took mattress foam, and had it professionally decorated!

29 07 2008
jennifer plante

country home!yay! one of my favorite mags! ty

29 07 2008

Please include me!!!! Great giveaway!

29 07 2008

it would have to be my lil girl’s first birthday party. she was our ‘miracle’ and we so looked forward to her first birthday. she was born on halloween so we had a fun halloween/dress up party. it was a blast! she dressed up like a little fairy and looked so adorable! thanks for this fun giveaway!



29 07 2008

hmm… most memorable birthday party… I haven’t really been to a lot. none of them really stand out to me as being more than the standard get together or sleep over. Maybe I just have boring friends! Hehe.

29 07 2008
Jen (meddlingkidd)

I’d say my most memorable birthday was my 33rd birthday. My husband threw me a surprise party…now, one might expect a surprise party for their 30th or their 35th, but when you have a surprise party for your 33rd its definately surpising LoL!

meddlingkidd [at] aol.com

29 07 2008

My most memorable was my hubbies 30th. We travelled from Tx to OK for a family reunion and I had prearranged for the decorations to be put up and we had to sneak the cake all the way there. We gave him a pirate party and all dressed up.. It was so much fun!
Please do enter me
quillysilly at yahoo dot com

30 07 2008

My 7th birthday was the greatest. My mom setup the backyard like a carnival, invited all my friends from school, and had a clown. We had a bbq with hot dogs and hamburgers and a big cake with winnie the pooh (my favorite). I remember lots of colors and smiling faces from that day!

30 07 2008
Nikki Angels of heart

The most memorable party was one had for my girl princess. We had a picnic tea party. It was the most adorable party ever. We had tea cup cupcakes, My mom found bears on a stick that we placed with bows around in a vase as decoration. I also made really big tissue paper flowers and had them on the table and on the tree with ribbon flowing. My mom had a lot of vintage hats, My oldest daughter danced for years and along with halloween costumes we had an awesome array of costumes for the girls dress up in. My dad had brought the kids a big card board box for the little ones to play in. I took the box and cut doors out. Painted it pink with ribbons and flowers like the trees and the girls had a runway. This went on for hours they loved it. It was the most girly party ever.

Please enter me.

homeschooling mom of 6

Come and enter my contest
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30 07 2008
Mia J.

I really like this magazine and would love to win it.

30 07 2008

Definitely the most memorable birthday for me was the year my daughter turned 2. I woke up feeling queasy and by the time we left The Discovery Zone, I couldn’t hardly move, but I decided that I would make it through the birthday lunch we’d had planned. I ordered my food and then looked at my husband and said I had to go. I pretty much ran from the restaurant, leaving my husband to deal with the other kids, parents and his mother!


I’m not even sure how he made it home because I drove home. I don’t know how I made it though. I spent the next few days in bed!

30 07 2008

THanks for entering my giveaway! I would love to win this subscription, how fun. I think the most memorable b-day party was when I was turning 10 and I had my first big sleepover party and my best guy friend showed up and all the girls wanted him to stay overnight.

Lets just say it was quite and evening and of course my mom didn’t let him stay over night, thank goodness!

30 07 2008

First off…I just love this magazine!

The birthday memory that jumps out at me is one that one of my good friends threw for her hubby. It was a total surprise and there were over 50 of us there for the party. She was the choir director at our church and we were all there to help her celebrate her hubby’s birthday. The highlight of the party was when some of her neighbors put together a song/chant/poem and recited it for him to where he turned red! Great memory.

Thank you for the wonderful giveaway you are having.

30 07 2008

One of my best birthday parties was the surprise party given for my 13th birthday. I really was surprised, and we had tons of friends come.

30 07 2008

My sixteenth birthday my parents threw a surprise party for me at my sister’s house. I had been sleeping in the car on the way to the party and when I walked into the party I had marks on my face and funky hair. My parents didn’t want me to think anything was up so they didn’t tell me to fix myself up before I walked in.

30 07 2008

I loved my 44th Birthday. My husband to me to Hershey Pa, for a great time. Since my birthday is in December everything was decorated for Christmas and it was magical.

30 07 2008

We just had a fun beach party for my DD’s 5th. Thanks for the chance to win. Visit mine at http://www.mypreppypurse.blogspot.com

30 07 2008
Jane Marie

When I was 9, my mother threw me a surprise party. I got my first two wheel bicycle. Best birthday ever!!!
Thanks for this giveaway. I would love to win this subscription!!

30 07 2008
Allie - The Pink Potpourri

when i was 10 i went with my dad to this gymnastics studio one night to pay for my sister’s class. when we walked in all the lights were turned off except the front desk. so my dad “pretended” to pay the bill,and all of a sudden, the lights turned on and all my friends jumped out and surprised me! we had the whole gym there to play all night!

30 07 2008

When I was thirteen my sister planned a surprise Party for me in a rented building and everything. No one in my school had ever had a party like that. Good memory…good sis.

30 07 2008

My birthday party in the third grade it was at Bob-a-lu skating rink. It was so the 1980s. The skating rink has now closed because I so wanted to have my 30th birthday party there but I couldn’t

30 07 2008

When I was like 5 or so my parents had pony rides at my party. That was the best thing ever. Of course I was 5 and I thought they actually got me a pony! 🙂 So I guess they had to let me down kinda easy that Mr. Pony was leaving after the party.

30 07 2008

most memorable birthday was my sister’s 5th birthda. Her birthday is close to Halloween so my parents had a costume party. I remember dressing up like a gypsy and borrowing a whole bunch of my aunt’s costume jewelry. It was just family at the party, but it was so much fun.

30 07 2008
Mommie Daze

I had a dress-up tea party with a bunch of other little girls from school and church when I was six. We had hats, dresses, jewelry, the works.

30 07 2008
Audrey Okaneko

I had a blast at the surprise party I threw for my mom when she turned 70. People came from out of state to surprise her and she was so happy that it made all the hard work and careful planning well worth it.

30 07 2008

My most memorable birthday was wheni was five and we went to chucky cheeses and a kid at the party started a food fight and we all got kicked out!

30 07 2008

The most memorable birthday party for me was my sons first birthday. It was just so amazing to see him have such fun, and to look back on how much he changed over the first year of his life.

30 07 2008
Barbara H.

This looks right up my alley!

My memorable birthdays from childhood involved those with my cousins. Four of us had birthdays all in August and we were within two years of each other. One in particular was a really big one (at least it seems like it in my memory) with lots of carnival like games.

30 07 2008

I think my greatest birthday memory was when I was 25. It involved a big group of friends and a limo! We went all over town and had a great time.

30 07 2008

The most memorable parties were my daughter’s first birthday parties. It’s really more for the family. The girls just looked kind of overwhelmed but they did enjoy digging into the cake with their hands.

30 07 2008

Hmmmm . . . I don’t think I’ve been to many memorable b-day parties, is that sad? DH & my friend, V tried to throw a surprise party several years ago, but dh left his e-mail open and he’d gotten an e-mail from V about it so I figured it out. Was still a fun get together w/ friends, though.

30 07 2008
Rita A.

I went to a friends party in my late 20’s, that was held in someones backyard that had an actual mini steam train around the yard. They were giving rides to everyone and then they fired up a trolley car that went from the backyard to the frontyard. In the backyard there was also a building that was like a museum of all sorts of collectibles and a small scale train depot. It was the most memorable birthday party ever. The cake was good too!

30 07 2008

The most memorable birthday party was my daugther’s 10th. My mom bought party poppers and did they ever POP!! The confetti was all over and in everyone’s hair. My daughter had a blast and still talks about 3 years later.
Thanks for offering a great prize and the opportunity to win it!!

30 07 2008
Jaime C.

Mine would have to be when I was about 10. It was a birthday/slumber party. They had some games going on and I actually won one of them! I was so excited because I didn’t go to many parties at all. I won a (plastic) necklace that a whole bunch of charms. I loved it! Then later that night the birthday girls uncle came over. He was this huge guy who was wearing cowboy boots. He stepped on the girls foot and ripped the whole layer of skin off the top of her foot! Her father had to take her to the ER. It was definitely memorable!

31 07 2008

It was my 5th birthday. My younger brother was acting up and embarrassing me in front of my friends. He was supposed to be in the house but snuck out to the backyard where we were playing. He tripped and fell on the patio and busted his head open. Both my parents and all my grandparents left to go take him to the ER while my friends mom stayed to finish my party (everyone else had been dropped off). At the time, I had no sympathy for him, and for years did not let him forget how he ruined my party and took everyone away, LOL;)

31 07 2008

The most memorable party I’ve ever been to was one I had for my middle son when he was five. We had a fellow named “Reptile Rob” come in to give a show. He brought along a zoo of scaly pets. The cobra wasn’t too happy to be there. Did you know scorpions glow purple under blacklight? I loved the armadillo (yeah, I know, scorpions and armadillos aren’t reptiles) but my favorite was the 18-foot-long Burmese python! She was a sweetie, and Rob said he had her from the moment she hatched from her egg. That was over 15 years ago…I wonder how big she is now?
BTW, in case I get lucky…my e-mail is lufmikidz at aol dot com

31 07 2008
Karla @ Ramblin' Roads

The only birthday party I remember having was for my 10th birthday. I got to invite a few little girls from school. My mother decorated the dining room with pink crepe paper streamers. I thought it was beautiful!

Thanks for the great giveaway! I would enjoy this magazine!

31 07 2008
31 07 2008

Probably my son’s first birthday party. It was surreal. I still can’t believe he’s not a baby (he’s nearly 4 now). Thanks!
musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

31 07 2008
Erin Read

My friend Aimee’s, it was a surprise party and it was decorated in gerber daisy, they were everywhere! It was so pretty. Thanks for the great giveaway!

31 07 2008

I had a lot of good birthday parties as a kid, but my favorite one recently was simple. My boyfriend is a doctor and he was working all day and night on his birthday so I took a cake up to work for him and his coworkers to eat. They love anyone who brings them free food. 🙂

31 07 2008
Molly Capel

My most memorable birthday is memorable in a not so good way. While out to lunch 4 years ago on my bday, my dh managed to crash my car. 😦

31 07 2008

I think the most memorable birthday party for me would be the party we threw for my daughter’s 10th birthday. We had 9 girls over for a sleep-over, played fun mystery games (Nancy Drew theme) and scrapbooked most of the night and next morning. It was a really fun and special time.

Thanks for the great giveaway! I love Country Home.



31 07 2008
Tiffany Rosson

The most memorable birthday parties that I have ever been to are my oldest daughter’s. We have had parties at Opryland in Nashville, Royal themed parties, elegant dinner parties, and her last one was a fun blown “club” party in the backyard – complete with karoke, dance floor, soda bar and spotlights.

Thank you for hosting this giveaway
tiffanyannrosson at yahoo dot com

31 07 2008

The most memorable birthday party I have been to was my Grandpa’s 85th. We had a huge crowd and he had the best time being the center of attention. Thanks for the giveaway!

1 08 2008

Well the most recent was my great aunt’s 98th b-day . Many hours of family in her penthouse in Chicago. Many hours before that searching for a parking spot that wasn’t permit only!

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