Mommies United Celebrates Back to School

31 08 2008

While we’re taking it easy for the holiday weekend,Mommies United the bloggers over at Mommies United are still in their back to school mode with helpful articles and lots of contests to enter. Here are a few of my favorite contests, or visit their site to enter them all! Hurry, since most of their contests are only open until Friday.

I have been looking at the new workbooks by Kumon and I was thrilled to find they are one of the prizes! They are very kid friendly work books!  

Mom needs some things for herself too, including this cute cupcake courier. How neat!We could really use a magnetic weekly calendar from two fish toys. What a neat idea for kids to learn more about calendars! (enter here) 


Umi shoes rock! What more can I say? (Enter here)

Summer’s End Camping Trip

30 08 2008

Why does it always seem to take a week to recover from a weekend camping trip?  The craziness of this past week and a few technical issues with my computer have kept me from posting much.  But better late than never!  I wanted to share a few pictures of our trip last weekend so everyone can see what we’re spoiled with and almost take for granted here in Alaska.  I guess it makes up for the cold summer! (You can click on some of the pictures to enlarge if you need to.)

We went camping down in the Kenai Peninsula, staying at one of the three or four coveted river spots in the Cooper’s Creek Campground.  It’s a little off season now, and getting down there early on Friday landed us one of these spots.  Hearing the rushing water all day was very relaxing!


Friday night, we got the boys to bed at a decent hour and with no fuss so we sat out by the campfire and relaxed.  Our view included not only the fire, but the river (Kenai River) and mountains.




Saturday morning a few friends met us and I got to float the river with one of the guys on his cataraft- sans kids!  It was a very peaceful trip, floating down the river, the quiet majesty of being surrounded by mountains.  Every bend in the river brought another new view that was just as beautiful as the last.  When we stopped for a break and got some coffee, I thought I was in Heaven! 

When we got back to camp I took over keeping the curious kids out of the fire and the river while daddy got in some fishing time.  In short order he caught two nice silver salmon.  We saved those but for dinner we ate a red and a dolly varden one of our friends caught.

Here is a picture of Guy with the second silver.  He was so happy!  I don’t blame him.  Wow, what a fish!

Later that evening a brown bear sauntered through our campsite down by the river.  Literally it was about 15 yards from us, just a reminder as to where we are!  That made me a little nervous to be in the camp by myself the next morning while the big boys floated and fished.  But there were other campers nearby and we had the dog with us.

On the way home we stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center for a few minutes to see the moose and bears, and other animals they have there.  We bought a pass for the season so it’s easy to stop in for a bit whenever we drive by.  The moose were shedding their velvet so their antlers looked a little like something out of a scary movie!

Moose shedding velvet at the Alaska Wildlife Center

There are a few more pictures on our friend’s camera I might post if I ever get them.  But I’m sure you can tell from these what a fun time we had!

Guy Smiley turns 9 months

30 08 2008

My new nickname for the baby is Guy Smiley.  He is such a happy baby, and very rarely goes long without giving us a huge smile like the photo here.  At his nine month checkup he weighed in at a hefty 23 lbs 4 oz.  He needs that weight to fill out his 30 inch frame!  I’ve been joking lately that I need to start a separate savings account just to be able to feed the boys when they’re teenagers! 


Breakfast at Ikea

29 08 2008

It certainly doesn’t have the same ring as breakfast at Tiffany’s, but a free breakfast at Ikea might be motivation to visit this weekend (August 30-September 1st). They’ll feed a small breakfast and coffee to those early risers (before 10:30 am) who can’t get enough uniquely-named Swedish designs to furnish their homes. Check here to see if your local Ikea is serving up a free breakfast.   And don’t forget to buy some chocolate for the ride home.

PS-I have no affiliation whatsoever with Ikea, and will not be held responsible for your decision to visit Ikea and eat their free breakfast, or for any impulse shopping you might do. So, please don’t yell at me if you come home with a box labeled ektorp, lerberg or barnslig flodhast and don’t know what to do with it.

After the storm

27 08 2008

Sitting Down

25 08 2008

Quite a whirlwind day today; I am happy just to sit for a minute. But excuse me while I fall asleep at the keyboard…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Eliminating little muffins

22 08 2008

As my pregnant belly is starting to burst out of my clothes, I had to giggle when I read MomDot’s review of Blush’s topless undershirt. It’s a great cure for all those cute shirts that are just too short to be practical. Your odds of winning are pretty good if you hurry over there before Monday! This message comes from MomDot:

The crazy mommy bloggers over at MomDot blog, are hosting a contest to make the world a better place and to fight muffintop. Please come over and enter to win an amazing giveaway from Blush, where you can keep or pass along an awesome topless undershirt. They need 200 entries to get more shirts to give away, so come enter this worthwhile fashion cause. And while you are there, dont forget about the other awesome giveaways and new chat room. Oh, and Toni is crazy. Really, really crazy.

Smart Women Say Thank You!

20 08 2008

Rainy Day in MayBig hugs to Misty over at a Rainy Day in May for the lovely package that arrived today. I was lucky enough to be the July winner at her monthly giveaway, so she did some secret shopping for me from the Smart Women collection from Chronicle Books. Thank you!
My tiny home office space is now super chic with the cutest little desk set. It even has a baby stapler! I am also loving the postcard set. With their retro illusSmart Women Stay Organized Desk Kittrations and witty sayings like “Smart women chalk it up to experience” and “Smart women tell it like it is,” you can’t help but smile on even the toughest of days…or when dealing with the toughest of toddlers! If you’re in my address book, keep an eye out for them in the mail, because “Smart women stay in touch!” Thanks, Misty for sending a little sunshine my way!

Six Random Facts About Me

19 08 2008

I’ve been tagged by Audra at Krellfish!

Whenever I get these types of things by email I usually delete them, and I am so new to this bloggy world that I don’t have many bloggy friends to pass it on to.  But I am going to at least post 6 things about myself so that you all can have a laugh.  If you want to participate, feel free to tag yourself by leaving a comment with a link to your post!


Six Things You May Not Know About Me

1) I met my husband online when he was stationed in Japan and I was in Ohio.  We spent only about 6 weeks total together in person before we were married.

Our success story is posted here, A Match Made in Heaven.

2) I swam on my high school and college teams and although I wasn’t a great swimmer, I used to dream of going to the Olympics (swimming the 100m freestyle).

3) I still daydream about what it would have been like to actually be a great swimmer.  If I had more money (and maybe a little more talent) I could be the next Dara Torres!

4) I also daydream about having my own Food Network show although I hate being videotaped.  I love cooking and would love to know as much about cooking as the Iron Chefs do (or Emeril or Paula).  Julia Childs is my hero.  Did you know she was also a spy?  Cool, huh?

5) I sometimes sneak zucchini and carrots into our food so my husband doesn’t taste it (I’d sneak celery in too, but it has too strong of a taste- he’d figure it out).  Oops, now he’s going to know…

6) It’s only August but my vegetable garden is almost planned out for next year (this year I’ve written off as a bust due to the weather so I am getting a jump on next year!!)

Now that you know more about me you can go back to Audra’s post to learn more about her and check out the other people she tagged.

Side note:  Here are the rules of the Six Random Things Tag if you want to tag some of your friends:

1) Link to the person who tagged you.

2) Post the rules on your blog (copy and paste 1-6).

3) Write 6 random things about yourself.

4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.

5) Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.

6) Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Mod Mum Sling Giveaway

18 08 2008

Baby wearing seems to really be in vogue these days but to me it has been more of a necessity. When my two boys were infants, it was next to impossible to put them down for more than 5 minutes.  Even now, my 9 month old (who I might add is already 23 pounds!) wants to be held quite often throughout the day. 

I used a front pack carrier a lot with them, but I’ve seen many moms with slings and have always been a little jealous of how easy it looked to tote their little one.  It looks like nursing would have been a lot easier with one too.  I kept my eye out for a nice sling, but the ones I saw in stores were either too expensive for me or they looked like something out of the dark ages so I just kept using our front carrier.

The styles now just keep getting cuter and cuter.  Mod Mum baby slings are some of the cutest I’ve seen.  If you’ve been drooling over these as I have, you’re in luck- Emily at Little Window Shoppe is hosting a giveaway now through August 27. Just click here to enter.  If I were to win one, it’d be OH so hard to choose which pattern, but my current favorite is probably the Riley.  Stop by Little Window Shoppe and leave a comment for a chance to win.  Good luck to all!