Banana cake, banana cake, baker’s man!

5 08 2008

Bean was singing her version of “Pat-a-cake” as I was staring down the sad looking bananas in the fridge. They were dead. Not wanting to make banana bread, I instead searched for the “best banana cake recipe” and came up with this winner. 289 reviews? Wow, it must have something going for it. I made two substitutions: lemon juice with milk for the buttermilk and 1/2 cup barley flour for 1/2 cup regular flour (so that I could pretend the cake had some health benefits). Oh, and I don’t have an 1/8 cup measure, so I just cut back on the sugar. I also wasn’t sure how my 9×13 Pyrex pan would react being transferred from oven to freezer, so I split the batter between two rounds.

And the results? Whoa! These are some happy bananas now! The cake is moist and dense, but not as heavy as banana bread. I do wish I had more powdered sugar; I made a smaller quantity of the frosting and didn’t have enough to put between the layers. It needs something to break up all that banana goodness! And, yes, this picture is being taken late at night after I served myself another tasty piece! Yum!