Adopting New Family Members?

7 08 2008
Our Bean doesn’t just love animals, she LOVES animals. (Picture bright fireworks and a marching band for emphasis on the Love.) Bean hugs her goat friends too!When I discovered three 3 lost puppies that are in need of loving homes, I knew that they would be very welcome here. You see, no matter how much Bean loves little critters, we can’t keep any at home because of Daddy’s severe allergies. This breaks Daddy’s heart, so awhile ago, he agreed for a “trial run” to foster Simon, a spunky orange cat from a rescue shelter. Simon stayed for a couple of weeks before we made the sad decision to bring him back, since Daddy couldn’t breathe at home anymore. While he was here though, Bean and Simon became good friends and played lots of games together. 
To foster this love for furry friends, we take every opportunity we can get for little Bean to see animals outside the house. Fortunately, we have some friends and extended family members that let Bean play with their pets. She gets very excited to see all her 4-legged friends! 
Still, Bean really needs a friend here at home. 5 minutes for Mom has been generous enough to extend an open invitation to adopt three of their cuddly dogs, a Dalmation, a Boston Terrier, and a German Short Haired Pointer. These dogs grew up at a Rocking Horse to Love. You can find their siblings there, ready to be adopted too! Bean would be a great friend for the Short Haired Pointer, since pointers are active dogs but very faithful and fun, much like our fiesty toddler! She also prefers anything with spots these days. 
As for My. Pointer’s brothers, our home has lots of love, but not lots of space. So, Bean and I would share the other dogs with some of our other friends who can’t keep live dogs either, the residents at our local nursing home. We have been visiting this nursing home for over two years now on a weekly basis, and have made some wonderful friends. The residents do have two parakeets and an ornery rabbit named Otis. Bean asks to see Otis every time we visit! It would be wonderful for the residents to have two more loyal companions, and the dogs would never suffer from lack of attention, with dozens of loving housemates.


If you agree that we are full of puppy love and would be caring and responsible new owners, please leave a comment for 5 Minutes for Mom to let them know. Have you hugged a puppy today?

Update 8/8–The puppies have been adopted by



2 responses

8 08 2008

I love these pictures, she really does love pets. The picture of her hugging the dog is so sweet. My little boy is the same way, he gets so excited about doggies and kitties too.

8 08 2008
Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)

What great photos! There’s nothing cuter than a little child hugging a pet.

Thanks for entering!

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