Rainy Day (Teddy) Bear Hunt

8 08 2008

We’ve had rain, rain, rain this week and it looks more of the same is headed our way. So what to do with a rowdy bunch of kids for an indoor playgroup? Go on a treasure hunt of course!

While Bean was busy cooking in her “kitchen,” I unrolled a spool of green ribbon and set to work creating an obstacle course with boxes, chairs and lots of pillows. Bean was excited to do a trial run and followed the ribbon faithfully to the end where she was surprised to find all her bears guarding the treasure!

See how the treasure cleverly doubles as a snack? It’s a box of Teddy Grahams Trail Mix. I’ve recently discovered Teddy Trail Mix through BzzAgent’s word of mouth advertising. This is not a product that I would have ever purchased blindly on my own, even though I like to try new things. It is marketed towards little kids. Seriously, who else would like cheese crackers and Teddy grahams together? And while it might have more sodium and more calories than I would prefer in a snack-food, I think it’s just right for special occasions like this. Bean likes the mix of little pieces and playing with the mini teddy bears. She especially loves the yogurt raisins in the Bears and Bees variety, which sadly, there are very few of in the box. Maybe we could extend the 8 oz box by mixing in more raisins and some dried fruit…

Meanwhile, back to the treasure hunt! Well, the other children in the playgroup loved it as much as Bean did. And the snack too—It got the kids’ seal of approval, since it disappeared very quickly. After polishing off the snack, some of the little treasure hunters took the bears by the hand and led them on the obstacle path again…and again…and again. We finished off with building blanket forts and cushion caves. We had a great time, and will do it again soon, maybe even outside if the sun cooperates this summer…hopefully I won’t forget to charge my camera batteries next time!

Does your little bear love the computer? Look for some Teddy Graham preschool activities at: http://www.scholastic.com/teddytrail/

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