Minimizing Monday: Medicine Cabinet

11 08 2008


Another Minimizing Monday project is here; time to clean out the medicine cabinet. It’s been only about 6 months since I went through our bathroom cupboards and purged items that were past their expiration date. But this time around, I still found some that I had missed on the first pass! 
You can save a lot of space by taking medicines out of their original boxes, but I decided to leave some of the small ones in their packages so they wouldn’t be overlooked in the cupboard. I made sure the other small ones were coralled in a basket.
I’m very happy about finally clearing the clutter from on top of the cabinet. It’s fallen off quite a few times. I took the blue-topped plastic container (which still had some baby things in it), and made a new home to all the bandaids.

here we are before

here we are before…


...and, wow! Just a few minutes later 
…and after!

Follow the easy steps suggested by Handprints on the Wall, and get to work on your medicine cabinets!



3 responses

11 08 2008

Lookin’ Good! Thanks for joining in, and for sharing with us all!


11 08 2008

Great job!


12 08 2008
Massachusetts Husband

Neatness rules!

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