11 08 2008

Wow, we have a lot of posts today.  The baby has been great at occupying himself lately so I’ve gotten more than two minutes in a row to write up a few posts.  Well, I just wanted to give a cheer for the USA athletes competing in the summer Olympics.  I am especially excited (as is most everyone who cares about Olympic swimming) about our win in the men’s 4×100 freestyle relay last night.  Michael Phelps continues on his quest for 8 golds!  I don’t think I could ever explain in words how excited I am right now!

Watching swimming is like watching golf- it’s usually only exciting if you’re really involved in the sport.  Until a huge upset comes along.  Like Tiger Woods taking back the US Open in June.  I’m not a huge fan of golf, but that was an exciting game to watch.  Last night the USA won by 8 one hundreths of a second.  When Jason Lezak out-touched his French opponent, Alain Bernard, my husband and I were yelling and cheering at the TV like we were watching the Super Bowl. (Can you believe Lezak is 32?)  And in addition to winning gold and beating the French in spite of their threat to “smash” our team, they crushed the world record by nearly 4 seconds. I’ll let you read a better telling of the story here…  I’m being called into the kitchen to make “dinner” for my toddler (even though it’s only 10 in the morning).  Time for snacks I guess! 


PS- watching the swimming races these past few days is making me miss my swimming days.  I was no where near Olympic material, but I was competitive in my own right and spent a good portion of my college days in the pool.



3 responses

12 08 2008
Massachusetts Husband

Go American!!!!

12 08 2008
Melody from ~Pennies In My Pocket~

Thanks for your comment back in May … I’ve been gone for so long. Long story short is posted on my blog from today as to why I was gone for so long. FINALLY back though! 😉

We are LOVING the Olympics! I cannot believe Phelps! He’s amazing…was watching the bio on him last night about his diet and how eats a TON and can’t gain weight…yeah, I WISH! hahaha


18 08 2008

We’ve been watching too – and I was also a swimmer growing up! Definitely reminds me of the race day jitters.

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