Inside a Toddler’s Mind (Wordless Wednesday)

13 08 2008


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14 responses

13 08 2008

Are those their homes? 🙂 Happy ww!

13 08 2008
Massachusetts Husband

She’s building an audience.

13 08 2008

A place for everyone and everyone in their place. Cute!

13 08 2008

This looks like the work of my preschooler. She loves to group her babies into all her bags and boxes and drawers! It is VERY important work.

13 08 2008

A place for everything, and everything in it’s place???

13 08 2008
Marcia "HDMac" McFarlane

That is cute! It looks to me like you have an “organizing” toddler! Perhaps containerizing things to keep them uncluttered! lol… darling…

13 08 2008

lol. How cute. I bet a great deal of time and care went into this!

13 08 2008

How cute 🙂 She was really hard at work there!

13 08 2008

I love it! Sometimes I really miss the toddler days.

13 08 2008

She is an organizer… embrace that!

14 08 2008
Massachusetts Husband

My favorite is the largest bear is in a small container and the small monkey is in the large green bucket.

14 08 2008
Melody from ~Pennies In My Pocket~

LOVE it! That’s what my family room looks like right now!


14 08 2008
Writer Dad

I love it. I spend my weekdays with ten toddlers. Their minds are indeed a beautiful, curious place.

14 08 2008

Aww, that’s really cute! It’s great how they all have their own little container 🙂

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