Smart Women Say Thank You!

20 08 2008

Rainy Day in MayBig hugs to Misty over at a Rainy Day in May for the lovely package that arrived today. I was lucky enough to be the July winner at her monthly giveaway, so she did some secret shopping for me from the Smart Women collection from Chronicle Books. Thank you!
My tiny home office space is now super chic with the cutest little desk set. It even has a baby stapler! I am also loving the postcard set. With their retro illusSmart Women Stay Organized Desk Kittrations and witty sayings like “Smart women chalk it up to experience” and “Smart women tell it like it is,” you can’t help but smile on even the toughest of days…or when dealing with the toughest of toddlers! If you’re in my address book, keep an eye out for them in the mail, because “Smart women stay in touch!” Thanks, Misty for sending a little sunshine my way!



One response

21 08 2008

I am so glad it made it’s way to you safely and brightened your day a bit! 🙂

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