Summer’s End Camping Trip

30 08 2008

Why does it always seem to take a week to recover from a weekend camping trip?  The craziness of this past week and a few technical issues with my computer have kept me from posting much.  But better late than never!  I wanted to share a few pictures of our trip last weekend so everyone can see what we’re spoiled with and almost take for granted here in Alaska.  I guess it makes up for the cold summer! (You can click on some of the pictures to enlarge if you need to.)

We went camping down in the Kenai Peninsula, staying at one of the three or four coveted river spots in the Cooper’s Creek Campground.  It’s a little off season now, and getting down there early on Friday landed us one of these spots.  Hearing the rushing water all day was very relaxing!


Friday night, we got the boys to bed at a decent hour and with no fuss so we sat out by the campfire and relaxed.  Our view included not only the fire, but the river (Kenai River) and mountains.




Saturday morning a few friends met us and I got to float the river with one of the guys on his cataraft- sans kids!  It was a very peaceful trip, floating down the river, the quiet majesty of being surrounded by mountains.  Every bend in the river brought another new view that was just as beautiful as the last.  When we stopped for a break and got some coffee, I thought I was in Heaven! 

When we got back to camp I took over keeping the curious kids out of the fire and the river while daddy got in some fishing time.  In short order he caught two nice silver salmon.  We saved those but for dinner we ate a red and a dolly varden one of our friends caught.

Here is a picture of Guy with the second silver.  He was so happy!  I don’t blame him.  Wow, what a fish!

Later that evening a brown bear sauntered through our campsite down by the river.  Literally it was about 15 yards from us, just a reminder as to where we are!  That made me a little nervous to be in the camp by myself the next morning while the big boys floated and fished.  But there were other campers nearby and we had the dog with us.

On the way home we stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center for a few minutes to see the moose and bears, and other animals they have there.  We bought a pass for the season so it’s easy to stop in for a bit whenever we drive by.  The moose were shedding their velvet so their antlers looked a little like something out of a scary movie!

Moose shedding velvet at the Alaska Wildlife Center

There are a few more pictures on our friend’s camera I might post if I ever get them.  But I’m sure you can tell from these what a fun time we had!

Guy Smiley turns 9 months

30 08 2008

My new nickname for the baby is Guy Smiley.  He is such a happy baby, and very rarely goes long without giving us a huge smile like the photo here.  At his nine month checkup he weighed in at a hefty 23 lbs 4 oz.  He needs that weight to fill out his 30 inch frame!  I’ve been joking lately that I need to start a separate savings account just to be able to feed the boys when they’re teenagers!