Hunting Success

8 09 2008

Disclaimer: this post may not be for those of you who are rather squeamish… If you don’t want to hear about hunting you can click here to be directed back to my meal plan for the week

Hunting success!! A whole moose has been added to my freezer!  Well, not a whole moose, just the edible parts 🙂  Plus 4 small ducks that we’ll cook up this week.  Here are pictures of the hunter and the moose.

We separated, cleaned and packaged up the meat yesterday afternoon. I roughly weighed the packages and here is what we’ve put in our freezer so far:

26 roasts- 64#
5 packages of steaks- 8#
2 tenderloin- 3#
7 backstrap- 12#
5 packages stew meat- 8#
Total: approx 95#

And we have at least another 100# of scraps to get processed into burger, sausage, brats, etc.

We have another 62 packages of stuff from last year’s moose (summer sausage, brats, kielbasa, burger, breakfast sausage, roasts) plus over 60 packages of salmon and halibut, a whole turkey, a huge package of pork ribs. I don’t think I need to buy meat for the next two years!

What a blessing it is to live in a place where we are able to fill our freezer like this. I myself am not one for doing the actual hunting or field dressing, but I will help cut up and package the meat and I am thankful to have it for my family to eat. I know a lot of people are put off by hunting or eating game, but to them I have to say- if you eat beef or chicken, then there’s no reason that you should look down on hunting, at least the kind I’m talking about here. The moose in our freezer lived a much better life and died an easier death than most cows do. The meat is leaner, and as organic as you can get. As far as taste, I haven’t tasted the meat from this one yet, but last year’s was not gamey at all, I could barely, if at all, tell the difference between it and beef.

So, there you have it… living in Alaska we may pay a fortune for our house, gas, a gallon of milk or fresh produce, but at least we don’t have to buy meat.

Meal Plan Monday- AK

8 09 2008

PhotobucketWell, last week’s meal plan was a bust. Monday we were invited last minute to a friends for dinner. So I made Monday’s meal on Tuesday. And we ended up eating that Wed and Thurs as well. Friday the kids were driving me bananas and the day just got away from us. It was yucky weather so we ended up just going to Arby’s to get out of the house. And so, I still have most of last weeks menu to make. However, hubby’s hunting trip was a success and so I’m pushing last week’s unmade meals to next week, and revising my plan for this week to include duck and moose. Yummy!

Monday: Teryaki Grilled Salmon, broccoli
Tuesday: Marinated Flank Steak (moose), corn on the cob
Wednesday: I can’t decide- either Honey Spice Duckling or Duck & Dumplings
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans
Saturday: leftovers
Sunday: Cheesy Pork Chops with Spicy Apples

Lunches are going to be leftovers and sandwiches. Breakfasts are going to be either pancakes or cereal and fruit for the week since we’re out of oatmeal. Except this weekend I might make cinnamon rolls.

You can read more great menu plans here at I’m an Organizing Junkie… Enjoy your week!

More fair fun

8 09 2008

Sunday afternoon, we visited a local fair. It wasn’t on the scale of a state fair, which in our case, is a “states-fair,” the “Big E.” Still, it was the perfect size for us. Bean was very excited to see the animals, especially the cows. She kept covering her mouth with her hands in disbelief!