Let the pregnant lady sleep!

15 09 2008

My pregnancy due date seem so far off and I’m already having trouble getting comfortable sleep. I remember at our childbirth class before Bean was born, the instructor demonstrated a comfortable sleep position nestled in mounds of pillows. Yeah, that’s nice if you have a king sized bed and are sleeping alone. While we do own enough pillows to build a hefty-sized fort, that’s just not practical. My kidney bean-shaped body pillow hasn’t been much help either.

Needless to say, I was very impressed to read a review of Utterly Yours’ Pregnancy Pillow. Finally, a pregnancy product that was actually designed by a mom! It comes in different sizes and is very compact. I especially like the variety of patterns. While none of them would match anything in our house, I’d be happy to have something unique—my own sleeping beauty pillow! 

Props and Pans is graciously giving away one of these pregnancy support pillows here. You can also read their review here to learn more about the pillow.



One response

16 09 2008

I remember those last few nights!! It seemed like I was up every 5 minutes and rolling over was so hard. What a great idea, I need a pillow like this for next time. I’m going to keep tabs on it. Thanks!

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