Carrots Anyone?

22 09 2008

The other week I decided instead of the $3.50 bag of baby cut carrots, I’d buy the $3.50 5# bag of regular carrots. A deal right? But what do you do with 5lbs of carrots?

After a quick rinse and the ends cut off, the food processor made quick work of the entire bag (save one lonely carrot for the kids’ snack).

Now, what to do with 17 cups of shredded carrots?

Carrot soup- 5 cups
Carrot cake (2 cakes)- 8 cups
Carrot bread (instead of zucchini)- 2 cups
Carrot muffins (same recipe as the bread)- 2 cups

And there you have it folks! I still have to make the cakes, but the rest is done and the bread/muffins turned out delicious! The soup was kind of bland, but I’ve been adding it to the baby food and also slipping it into dishes here and there (ie- used in meatballs instead of ketchup).

I am happy I actually used the entire bag. I am notorious for having good intentions with carrots, but having them dry up before I actually use them.

Please let me know if you have any other carrot recipes I could try, because I see myself buying another bag in the near future, this just turned out so well!



One response

23 09 2008

What is that salad with shredded carrots & mayo and possibly apples & raisins? I should go look to see if I have carrots…

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