Menu Plan Monday- AK

22 09 2008

This week at I’m an Org Junkie, the theme of our menus is family favorites.  I have been feeling stressed lately so I am going to take advantage of some of the convienence food in our freezer (ie- frozen ravioli, pierogies) and my crockpot (pot roast) to simplify life this week.  All of the weekday meals are favorites, not only for my family to eat, but for me to cook!

Monday– frozen ravioli, marinara sauce, garlic bread, salad

Tuesday-salmon patties, pierogies, grilled onions, green beans (Mix 2 cups cooked, deboned, flaked salmon, 1 TBSP dried chopped onions, salt and pepper to taste, and one egg.  Add enough bread crumbs and/or mashed potatoes to make patties.  Cook in pan or on griddle sprayed with non-stick spray until browned.  Serve with sour cream or tarter sauce.)

Wednesday-pot roast with potatoes, carrots and onions (Put roast, chopped veggies, a little water, salt, pepper, garlic and other seasonings as the mood strikes into the crockpot.  Cook on low 7-8 hours.)

Thursday– leftovers

Friday-greek style pizza (homemade pizza crust or Boboli type, topped with grilled onions, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, chopped olives, chopped cooked chicken breast, cooked spinach, etc)

SaturdayParmesan Pork Cutlets, broccoli, pasta (check out the link to this recipe, doesn’t the photo look so yummy?  I think this is bound to be a future family favorite)

Sunday-Sauerbraten (see post here)

Be sure to check out other great tried and true family favorites here at I’m an Org Junkie.  Have a great week!


Note to my hubby who requested sushi- I will make it when I don't have kids hanging on my pants every time I go in the kitchen.



One response

23 09 2008

I made some sushi earlier this week. It would travel well, since it’s made out of felt, but Bean probably won’t give it up.

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