Dusting Off the Unused Kitchen Gadgets

23 09 2008

Who among us doesn’t have one or two (or ten or twenty) small kitchen appliances or gadgets that are lurking in the depths of the pantry just waiting for their turn at assisting with dinner?  Life, and dinner in particular, is always so rushed that the only time I think about them is when I move, or the rearranging bug hits me.  For instance, there is the ShlemmerTopf that we were given as a wedding present that has not even been used once.  Or the pressure cooker, also a wedding present, that has only been used for corned beef.  I could go on and on, but I will spare you the details for now.

Now that winter is nearly upon us and I won’t be spending as much time outside, I decided to pull out my unused kitchen gadgets one by one and make a decision on whether or not they deserve shelf space in my home.  On that note, I am starting a weekly series that will assist me in bringing life to these old gadgets, or help me determine that they need to be blessing someone else’s kitchen (ie- donated to the goodwill).  Each week I am going to pull out a seldom used appliance, post tips and tricks about it, use it in at least one recipe, and see if it will work for me in the future or if not, get it out of my kitchen.  If you happen to have a similar item that is just collecting dust you can join in the fun.

Look for more information on these items (not in any particular order) in future posts and in the meantime, please let me know if you have any favorite recipes or tricks of the trade for these:

SchlemmerTopf Glazed Clay Roaster
Pressure Cooker
Handheld Stick Blender
Double Boiler
George Foreman Grill
Toaster Oven
Waffle Maker
Food Dehydrator
Pressure Canner
Food Processor



3 responses

23 09 2008

I make cream of vegetable soup by pureeing soup with the stick blender. I think I donated my george foreman because it was too small to cook a meal in and we were gifted with a panini-maker. The box on my toaster oven said it was large enough to bake a whole chicken in. Haven’t tried that yet though. The only other gadget I have is the waffle maker. Maybe I’ll invent something besides waffles to cook in it. I think a lot of people have this problem.

4 10 2008

I tried to make salmon chowder one time with the stick blender. Didn’t taste too good, think I’ll stick to salmon patties 🙂 I want to try pumpkin soup sometime this fall. Didn’t think to roast a chicken in the toaster oven. May have to try that… thanks for the idea.

4 10 2008

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