Cute Shoes for the Big Kids

29 09 2008

My son started out life at 10lbs 5oz. At that size, he was already too big for all the cute little newborn shoes. And now he is quickly growing into the toddler shoes we already have from his older brother. The ones his older brother is quickly growing out of! I keep my eye out for cute shoes in bigger sizes, but it always seems the bigger the size, the duller the shoe. (Especially for boys.)

Well, fret no more- check out the Eleven Collection! These shoes are currently offered in children’s sizes 9-1 and boast durable, leather upper construction as well as a selection of fun styles for both boys and girls. Even though my kids are boys, my favorite shoe is the Anya– maybe I’ll have to get one for my niece to wear!

And to make this discovery even better, Elizabeth at S.I.M.P.L.E. is graciously hosting a giveaway now through October 7. Check out her site for a ton of other great products that she showcases and reviews.



One response

29 09 2008

These are cute! Thanks for the tip!

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