O Yikes!

31 10 2008

Sounds like us every time we’re looking in the diaper bag. Bean’s snacks and wipes (she loves to pull them out of the container, then stuff them in the bag)  make for one messy bag. How nice it would be to have a stylish new bag for the arrival of the new baby!
Well, I found that Nurse Mommy is giving away a bag of your choice from O Yikes! (Ends on 11/2 10PM EST). They have fun bags that can masquerade as “normal” totes. I can’t decide between the slingback and messenger bag. Both styles have advantages and disadvantages. The have a bunch of trio-color combos to choose from too.

Here’s the link again: http://nursemommy07.blogspot.com/2008/10/win-bag-of-your-choice-from-o-yikes.html


Still hungry?

30 10 2008

How about a Thanksgiving snack, with a roast turkey leg and mashed potatoes with gravy? And, why not a slice of pie? Gee, now I’m hungry…

More craftiness going on

27 10 2008

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Since this is the last week before my first craft show of the season, I’m probably going to torture you with show you all my creations, since my brain won’t focus on much else. Up first, I’ve been creating some play food collections that have received highest praise from my toughest critic. Yes, these have the Bean Seal of Approval. This is rye crackers with ham, cheese and lettuce. The stylized greenery didn’t come out how I had planned it in my mind, but I think it’s still fun. I wonder if felt has a lot of fiber?  

Simply a giveaway

27 10 2008


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Meal Plan Monday in MA

26 10 2008

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I made this meal plan for my husband this week:

Tuesday–Meat and potatoes
Thursday–Meat and chicken
Friday–Leftover meat
Saturday–Quiche (bacon, of course)
Sunday–More meat

What we really might be having…if I can stick to the plan:

Monday–Italian Casserole (penne, cheese, & meat!)
Tuesday–Baked Fish and Shrimp with rice and green beans 
Wednesday–Spaghetti, garlic bread and broccoli
Friday–Spooky sandwiches!
Saturday–Bacon, mushroom, & spinach quiche with salad
Sorry, there’s nothing super exciting this week, since the anticipation/preparation between Halloween and a holiday fair this weekend, I’m not feeling adventurous.

Hope you have a great week and a safe Halloween! Read more exciting meal plans over at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

Pumpkin Pie Snickerdoodle Bar Cookies

24 10 2008

I love pumpkin, but pumpkin breads and muffins get boring. I can’t shouldn’t eat a whole pie by myself either, so when I saw this recipe on Dozen Flours, I knew I had to try it. I adore snickerdoodle cookies! The verdict: these smell and taste like a crisp fall afternoon! But, (yes, you know there’s usually a butt but involved when it comes to cookies) their buttery goodness is their downfall. Despite the main ingredient of pumpkin, they’re a big deviation from any attempts I’ve made at healthy eating this pregnancy. Well, they’re worth it.

Update: I found out these don’t store well in the fridge, since the cookie layer gets all soggy. I guess they’d do better in a tin, but I don’t know…I’ll try next time.

Crafting slowly

23 10 2008

Since we’re still in October, it hasn’t sunk in yet that November craft fairs are just around the corner…Less than two weeks till the first one! Here’s another lunch box that I managed to finish (almost). It’s hard to work on anything when Bean wants to help! The green color still seems odd to me, but the cocoa print on the paper is a perfect complement to the packages of hot chocolate tucked inside.

Menu Monday- AK

20 10 2008

I have been slacking big time in getting my menus posted. Lately I’ve just been writing a few things down for the week, usually Monday evening or Tuesday morning! But getting back on track… this week hubby will be out of town for the majority of it, so I am going to use the opportunity to put a few meals in the freezer and use up some leftovers. And my crockpot is going to get a lot of use this week too!

Be sure to check out other great menus for the week at I’m an Organizing Junkie!

Not in any particular order of day…

1. Beef tips (crockpot) over noodles, asparagus
2. Salmon rice casserole (using this recipe, but mixing cooked, flaked salmon and cooked rice with the remaning ingredients)
3. Italian pasta soup (using leftover kielbasa)
4. Crockpot lasagna (freeze some)
5. Pancakes (freeze some), bananas, scrambled eggs
6. Steak fajitas, peppers, tortillas, refried beans, (freeze extras)
7. Leftovers

Have a great week!

Building Snowmen

17 10 2008

Just think, two weeks ago we were rolling in leaves.  Now, it’s snow!  We didn’t have a very long fall.  Unless you count the weeks in August that were cold and rainy. 








Everytime we’ve been outside in the last few days, the kids have wanted to build snowmen. The other afternoon was perfect for snowball and snowmen making. Here is a photo of the one the kids built themselves, with only a little help from me lifting the pieces into place.

And Dad joined in on the fun by building an almost 6ft tall snowman.

We don’t have any snow left on the ground! But I’m sure it won’t be long before we have more to play with. So far I’m liking the weather. It’s not bitter cold yet and the snow is fun! Also, every time we’re outside I don’t feel obligated to be pulling weeds or otherwise tending to the garden. (Which by the way was officially a bust as far as yield, but went far as a teaching tool for future years.)

Does anyone remember all the snowmen Calvin and Hobbes used to make? I think if the kids keep wanting to build snowmen I might have to start being a little more creative 🙂

Happy Snow Days!

Spooky Treats

16 10 2008

I’ve found some neat treats that are not too scary for Halloween. It’s not a favorite holiday of mine, but I can’t resist the cute little mummies and one eyed monsters from Bakerella. I have been dying to make her cupcake pops since I first saw them earlier this year…maybe I finally will! She also has a fun collection of Halloween cupcakes from last year to drool over.

Mummy Cake Pops

mouthless mummies from Bakerella

Purple Monster Cake Pops

one- & two-eyed monsters from Bakerella


The Food Network always has great party plans, and Halloween is no exception. I love these Munch-inspired screaming cookies. They remind me of myself when I am cookie-deprived!

Screaming Spice Cookies from FoodNetwork

The Food Network Chefs also share their favorite Halloween treats here.  I’m trying to picture what Cat Cora’s avacado cream pie tastes like. I think I’d rather try Robert Irvine’s warm and gooey Upside Down Apple Tart. Sounds yummy!

The DIY Network has some easy non-sweet ideas for a Halloween meal here. I think spiderweb soup with spider rolls and bread stick bones would be appropriate. Who can resist Shelob? No offense, Nigella, but it sounds more appetizing than slime soup. Maybe that would be great for teenagers?