Follow up on the Schlemmertopf

4 10 2008

I have been meaning to get back here and give you a review of the Sauerbraten recipe and my thoughts on using the Schlemmertopf but have been a little sidetracked this week.

The Sauerbraten was pretty good, be sure to serve it with mashed potatoes though because it really is sauer (sour).  It's definitely a recipe I'll make again, however, I plan to use a little less meat because it's something you can't eat a ton of.  Unless you're a huge fan of sauerkraut... 

The clay baker wasn't big enough to hold all of the meat, let alone extra veggies, but the meat turned out great, it melted in the mouth like butter.  As for easy cleaning, well that is an overstatement.  I ran the thing through the dishwasher and still needed to put elbow grease into scrubbing off the food.  Maybe if you soaked it in water for a bit before washing it might help.

If I wasn't using this recipe to try out the Schlemmertopf, I probably would have thrown it in the crockpot.  I think I'll keep the Schlemmertopf and use it for meatloaf or if I want to throw something in the oven if I'm already baking something else, but I really don't see it being used too often.

Oh well, on to the next kitchen gadget...