Building Snowmen

17 10 2008

Just think, two weeks ago we were rolling in leaves.  Now, it’s snow!  We didn’t have a very long fall.  Unless you count the weeks in August that were cold and rainy. 








Everytime we’ve been outside in the last few days, the kids have wanted to build snowmen. The other afternoon was perfect for snowball and snowmen making. Here is a photo of the one the kids built themselves, with only a little help from me lifting the pieces into place.

And Dad joined in on the fun by building an almost 6ft tall snowman.

We don’t have any snow left on the ground! But I’m sure it won’t be long before we have more to play with. So far I’m liking the weather. It’s not bitter cold yet and the snow is fun! Also, every time we’re outside I don’t feel obligated to be pulling weeds or otherwise tending to the garden. (Which by the way was officially a bust as far as yield, but went far as a teaching tool for future years.)

Does anyone remember all the snowmen Calvin and Hobbes used to make? I think if the kids keep wanting to build snowmen I might have to start being a little more creative 🙂

Happy Snow Days!