Meal Plan Monday in MA

26 10 2008

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I made this meal plan for my husband this week:

Tuesday–Meat and potatoes
Thursday–Meat and chicken
Friday–Leftover meat
Saturday–Quiche (bacon, of course)
Sunday–More meat

What we really might be having…if I can stick to the plan:

Monday–Italian Casserole (penne, cheese, & meat!)
Tuesday–Baked Fish and Shrimp with rice and green beansĀ 
Wednesday–Spaghetti, garlic breadĀ and broccoli
Friday–Spooky sandwiches!
Saturday–Bacon, mushroom, & spinach quiche with salad
Sorry, there’s nothing super exciting this week, since the anticipation/preparation between Halloween and a holiday fair this weekend, I’m not feeling adventurous.

Hope you have a great week and a safe Halloween! Read more exciting meal plans over at I’m an Organizing Junkie.