Veterans Day

10 11 2008



The Department of Veteran Affairs has lots of resources for kids. Let your children know that Tuesday is more than just a day off from school.

Meal Plan Monday- AK

10 11 2008

I tried a number of times to get last weeks menu posted, but every time I sat down to type I was interrupted by one child or another! So Wed night I scrapped it and started on this week’s instead. But I will still share last week too!!


Monday- salmon patties with wasabi mayo, asparagus
Tuesday- roast chicken
Wednesday- greek pizza (homemade with chicken, feta cheese, grilled onions, sundried tomatoes)
Thursday- marinated flank steak, broccoli
Friday- fajitas (using leftover steak), rice, peppers
Saturday- leftovers
Sunday- herbed meatloaf with sundried tomato gravy


Monday we had Cheesy Macaroni Leftover Casserole.  It was my own concoction of leftover shredded beef, corn, pickled jalapenos, chopped green onions and macaroni and cheese (with extra cheddar).  It turned out much better than it sounds of course.

Tuesday– Chili with cornbread. I also tried my hand at making hamburger buns with this recipe from They turned out really good. They even look like the buns you buy from the store. But tastier and cheaper!!

Wednesday– Spaghetti topped with leftover chili (like Skyline Chili)

Thurs– pizza for the kids, dh and I went with friends to eat mongolian barbeque before the Montgomery Gentry concert in early celebration of Guy’s birthday.

Friday– Chicken wings from Mike’s Meats (our local meat processor).

Saturday– Guy’s Birthday… surf and turf: crab legs and moose backstrap (sliced, dredged in flour mixed with seasonings and fried in a little olive oil).  Followed by cake and icecream of course.  Off topic- has anyone noticed that icecream containers are going to 1.5 quarts?  Remember when it used to be a half gallon??  I think we may need to buy an icecream maker and a cow soon.

Sunday– leftovers

If you’re looking for ideas for this week or future menus, stop by other plans from us, or visit hundreds of plans from this week at I’m an Org Junkie. 

Have a great week!