Photo Contest: Fun with food!

14 11 2008

Hurry if you want to enter! It’s the last day (closes at 3PM EST) for the photo contest 5minutesformom is hosting. Courtesy of Prego, the grand prize is a $500 gift certificate for groceries. I know we would love to win. Here is the photo that I’m entering…


Everyone seemed to be entering photos of their kids with messy faces. I have a ton of those! But I figured, the theme was food, fun and family.  To me this photo shows all three.  I love how both kids look like they can’t wait to get their hands on Dad’s cake.  Maybe it would have been a better photo if I had taken a picture of the ensuing mess?  Well at least a funnier photo!  But we’ll have more of those to come next week because the baby is turning ONE!!

I’ll let you know if I’m a finalist and you can go vote for me!  In the meantime, check out some of the other contestants at 5minutesformom.