Meal Plan Monday- AK

1 12 2008

Welcome to the holiday season!  I know we’ve been seeing Christmas decor in all the stores and hearing songs starting on the radio, but I see Advent as the official start.  We inherited a fake tree from a friend this year so we put that up Saturday night.  I used to abhor fake trees, but real ones cost over $40 these days, and they die in a week or so.  I’m liking ours already!

This week’s menu is simple because I won’t have a lot of time between doctor’s appointments and the baby’s surgery on Thursday.  It started snowing a lot more recently too, so I think this calls for a little comfort food (maybe lighter versions to make up for all the eating we did this past weekend!!)

Monday- lasagna casserole (from my freezer), garlic toast, salad
Tuesday- soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, mac & cheese
Wednesday- Crockpot Indonesion Chicken, broccoli, rice
Thursday- leftovers or whatever we can scrounge up (maybe leftover cake!?)
Friday- pizza
Saturday- something salmon (side note:  I need to find a new salmon recipe… we have enough salmon to eat every week, that wouldn’t be so bad if every time I made it we didn’t have to eat it for leftovers twice too!)
Sunday- Greek feta burgers and steak fries (both Cooking Light recipes)

If you’re not too full from your own Thanksgiving dinner, check out more meal plans at I’m an Org Junkie.



One response

2 12 2008

Hi Jennifer, Check out my blog and search salmon. We eat a lot of it here in the Pacific NW. I really love Salmon Fettucine! Thanks for sharing. Stacy

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