Happy Birthday Little G

13 12 2008

Made it myself!!

Well this is a little late I know, but I wanted to post some pictures for you all to see.  Our little boy celebrated his one year birthday November 22!

It’s hard to believe a year has already past.  We had a bunch of our friends over for sloppy joes, brats and cake (a fire engine cake for the kids and a whiskey cake for the adults- hey it’s just as much a celebration for the parents as it is for the baby!).  Of course I over estimated how much cake people eat.  This, in addition to the cake we have from my husband’s promotion ceremony, means we are going to be eating cake for a very very long time!


Concentrating hard on his first taste of cake

My little boy is growing so fast.  I knew to expect it, but for some reason it seems faster the second time around.  (And it’s not only because he’s almost 29 pounds!)  Maybe it’s because my attention is more divided than before, or maybe because it’s easier to deal with each phase he’s going through.  Either way, every day I look at him and see him becoming more of a toddler and less of a baby. 


Thanks Mom for the impulse purchase!

We are so blessed to have him as part of our family.  He is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen, always smiling and giggling.  He can walk pretty well now, and has started to even run, especially after his older brother.  It’s fun pretending to chase him because he runs away and giggles so much he falls down!  There is a lot of babbling, but no distinct words yet, although he does know the sign for milk. 




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