Decorating Cookies

18 12 2008

We had fun decorating Christmas cookies yesterday with the kids. cimg4855 cimg4861

Some tips to make it go easier with toddlers…

1.  Tape a sheet of waxed paper down and tell the kids to keep all the decorating on the paper
2.  Roll out and bake the cookies the day before so you’re not too tired to keep up with the kids
3. Limit the number of different decorations available- better yet, just mix them all together in one big bowl (green sugar, red sugar, choc. chips, coconut, raisins, sprinkles, etc)
4. Keep each kid’s cookies separate as other people might not want to eat ones that have been licked
5. Don’t let the kids eat the green/red sugar with a spoon
6. Try not to eat all the broken pieces- send them to relatives, they’re going to get broken in the mail anyway
7. Enjoy this moment of relaxing with the kids and not worrying about the mess they’re making.  And take pictures!



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