Harnessing Toddler Energy

6 01 2009

My new theory on solving the world’s energy crisis is to use up some of my toddlers’ supply.  The other day I was trying to film them singing Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law and all you could see were streaks of red and white running in front of the Christmas tree.

This morning at 5:45 AM, when I could barely walk in a straight line from exhaustion, my one year old is squealing with delight and bouncing up and down in his crib.  I sat with a cup of coffee for an hour and a half while he ran from toy to toy wearing himself out.  I went back to bed then, and got a few more winks in, but as I was hitting the good part of my dream my other bundle of energy wakes up and yells to me “It’s awake time!  See the light, see outside!  Let’s go down, come on mom!”

This is the reason I am addicted to coffee.  I think I may need to invest in an expresso machine.