Meal Plan Monday AK- midwinter crisis

12 01 2009

Spring is coming!!! In about 4 months… At least they’re starting to stock seeds in the garden section of the stores now.

In the meantime we have been basically housebound since temperatures have been in the negative teens-20’s. That’s right MINUS 20! Before last weekend I had never experienced temperatures much below zero. When I first stepped out I thought “oh, it’s not so bad” but by the time I got to the car (about 20 yards away) my legs were numb. Thursday I had to schlep two kids to the doctor. Luckily I found a relatively close spot!

So in the spirit of winter eating, I’m planning a bunch of “warm-you-up” comfort food meals for next week (still trying to keep a healthy twist on them though- ie oven fried chicken).

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Monday: red beans and rice
Tuesday: pot roast with potatoes, onions and carrots
Wednesday: french onion soup, roast beef sandwiches
Thursday: fajitas (leftover pot roast, grilled peppers, brown rice, homemade tortillas)
Friday: polish sausage and pierogies
Saturday lunch: honey mustard turkey tortillas
Saturday dinner: slow cooker potato corn chowder, sourdough bread
Sunday: oven fried chicken, buttermilk bisquits, corn on the cob, green beans

OK, so it doesn’t look all that healthy but it does look yummy!¬† I’ll have to add an extra hour or two of “dance party,” the new game my two year old and I made up- silly dancing to Salsa music!

Have a great week!