A glass half full is not enough

19 01 2009

Machine sewing is not my forte, but Bean’s blanket has been calling me for some time now. It’s a silky soft square that is leaking stuffing and held together with a shredded binding. I’m not sure how much longer it can physically stay together. So, I promised Bean I would make her a new one.

Saturday we went to Jo-Ann’s; along with a crazy craft-minded mob! The lines at the fabric counter ran halfway across the store and Bean was certainly not in the mood, so we left empty handed. We returned today and, after much searching, found a similar fabric. I bought the binding, batting, thread and more (variegated) thread.

I was rather proud of myself until we got home and I realized that I only purchased enough fabric to make half a blanket! Yes, it’s good to measure twice, but don’t forget to double the measurement if you need two sides to your project! Back to the store…