The Gift of Sleep

30 01 2009

Anyone with a little baby knows how precious sleep is! What is less well-known is this amazing product, the Miracle Blanket. They sayHundreds of Thousands of Well-Rested Babies Can’t Be Wrong!” and after seeing it in action with a friend’s child, I think it’s pretty neat too. I’m hoping that I’ll get to try one with the new baby.

Right now, the blog Two of Kind, Working on a Full House is giving away a miracle blanket (your choice of color!) Enter to win here.
Or, you can visit to purchase your own. Their blankets are currently 10% off and by purchasing 2 or more, you get the Twins discount of 15% off. They even have some overstock clearance at a larger discount!

What is the CPSIA?

30 01 2009

The hot topic in the art & handmade world is the CPSIA. The artist Sarah Jane has summed up the situation very well on her blog here. If you have a small business that sells kids things or buy anything for children from artists or  little mom & pop shops, you need to read this! Yes, now!! Go read!! 

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