Menu Plan Monday- AK (Feb 23)

23 02 2009

I can’t believe Lent is upon us already.  I’m still recovering from Christmas! 

I am going to have to start some new Mardi Gras traditions.  When I was working, a coworker used to bring paczki in every year.  I am going to miss that!  I am going to plan on making these donut muffins for breakfast but I may have to stop by the store and buy some- is there a Polish bakery in Alaska? We’re also thinking of inviting some friends over for dinner.  Even if we don’t, dessert is going to consist of all the chocolate in our house that we need to get rid of before Lent!  Maybe chocolate chunk brownies with chocolate icecream!!

mpmpencilMonday– Cheesy Macaroni Leftover Casserole (invented back in November, this turned out to be a good way to use leftover beef), carrots
Tuesday– Mardi Gras! BBQ pork ribs,  red beans, corn on the cob, and some kind of decadant dessert!
Wednesday– poached salmon filets, broccoli
Thursday– leftovers
FridayHalibut soft tacos
SaturdayBeef and Bean burritos
Sunday– Hot dogs and au gratin potatoes

This is looking to be a great week, yummy food and a very, very short shopping list! My shopping list so far is broccoli, avocados, onions, kidney beans, enchilada sauce and bread (unless I get around to making some today). 

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