Meal Plan Monday- AK (Mar 2)

2 03 2009

Here’s a quick post with my meal plan for the week… It’s easy stuff since I’m going to be babysitting more than usual. If I have free time I am planning on making some lunches to keep in the freezer for days there aren’t any leftovers for hubby to take to work. I’ll write more about that next week…

Monday- stew (from freezer), mashed potatoes, sourdough bread
Tuesday- chili, cornbread
Wednesday- spaghetti with meat sauce (leftover chili) green beans, garlic bread, salad
Thursday- leftovers
Friday- halibut, asparagus
Saturday- Polish sausage, pierogies, grilled onions and peppers
Sunday- Mimi’s sticky chicken (this recipe sounds yummy! I probably will adapt it to use chicken thighs from my freezer and make it in the crockpot)

I have to take a quick moment to just say that meal planning has been a sanity and money saver for me.  I can plan a shopping list a lot easier, and if I know what’s for dinner ahead of time I use free moments during the day to cook some of it up.  That saves a lot of frustration at dinner time when I have two toddlers clinging to my legs for food and attention.   Meal planning also helps us put a little variety into our menus.  I have gotten a lot of great recipe ideas both from reading others’ plans and from the researching I do to make up my own.

For more meal planning ideas please visit I’m an Org Junkie …  there are hundreds to read and you are bound to find more than a few new recipes, time saving tips and money saving ideas.  Have a great week!




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