Menu Plan Monday- AK (Mar 9)

9 03 2009





 Welcome to spring!  It’s March, we’ve sprung our clocks, it stays light until almost 8… but it’s been snowing all day so it’s not all the ways spring yet.  Soon, my friends, soon.  At least I can start buying seeds and plan out my garden!  I am debating about what to plant.  I know tomatoes are extremely hard to grow here without a greenhouse, but my deck gets really warm on sunny days and I found a website that sells Siberian tomatoes.  If they can grow tomatoes in Siberia I have a chance!!  

I’m blaming the time change for why I’m so tired, but in reality it’s a late night Saturday (we went to the Aces hockey game) and the fact that I’ve been taking Sudafed so I’m not so stuffed up at night – I never sleep well when I’ve taken that stuff.  Thankfully I planned most of my menu last week.  We didn’t eat Mimi’s chicken on Sunday.  And since the chicken is still in the freezer I’m going to make it Wednesday.   Of  course, the steak is still in the freezer too… hmm… gotta go pull stuff out!

Mondaymarinated flank steak, corn on the cob, salad
Tuesday– fajitas with leftover steak, grilled peppers and onions, homemade tortillas (I leave out the baking powder, they seem better to me without)
Wednesday– Mimi’s sticky chicken
Thursday– leftovers and/or pizza
Friday– friend’s birthday party
Saturday– hot dogs, baked beans, au gratin potatoes
Sundayblack bean soup (I made a very easy black bean soup a while back, but I don’t have any cans of beans, only dried beans, so I thought I’d try a new recipe. It doesn’t sound too hard either.)

Speaking of dried beans, I bought a HUGE bag of pinto beans at the discount center yesterday.  So watch in the upcoming weeks for recipes using those!!

For more meal planning ideas please visit I’m an Org Junkie… there are hundreds of meal plans and great ideas! Laura’s menu sounds especially yummy this week!

Have a great day!


Maternity Leave

9 03 2009

I’ve taken a break from just about everything to recover from enjoy the birth of our son. And good thing too…the continuous lack of sleep has made me very crazy and not always a happy person. I’m hoping that will turn around soon! I was shocked when I realized a month has already flown by. We must have been in a time warp too. So now it’s time to gradually get back to the big world; back to work, blogging, and stuff. Well, maybe I’ll leave out a lot of the stuff…we seem to be doing just fine without it. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!